Watch out Sebastian Faulks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. Today's edition of The Sunday Times includes a piece of author Sebastian Faulks (Birdsong, Charlotte Gray) in its magazine. The interview quotes him describing the research that he undertook into islamic extremism in the UK for his new book which is published soon. Faulk's openly criticise's the Koran in the interview, claiming that it has 'no ethics' and is 'depressing' and 'one dimensional':

    I fully support and defend the right of any author to exercise his/her freedom of speech; but in the current climate Faulk's may have to watch his back, literally. I'm old enough to remember the furore over the 'Satanic Verses' and the Iranian backed fatwa that forced Salman Rushdie into hiding, protected by armed police for many years.

    Sensitivites over religion and islam in particular have increased many fold since Rushdies book. Although I don't want to see anything bad happen, I am now worried for the safety of Sebastian Faulks. There are too many hate filled extremists out there now.
  2. Shame, Birdsong's my all-time favourite book. I hope he gets good at dodging Fatwa's so he can write a few more of that quality.
  3. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    A writer of Faulks' calibre putting out a book on Islamic extremism in the UK is certainly a publishing event.

    Should be worth a read, and will certainly be in the news. If the UK Islamic community does, in any way, propose or support a fatwa, it will be an appalling own goal.
  4. Wonder if it will ever get published.

    A couple of threats and a petrol bomb at the office door and the publishers will drop it like a hot rock.

    Bit spineless? Better then watching your kids get barbequed in the family Range Rover.
  5. How much is the taxpayer shelling out to save Salmon Rushdie's 'bacon'?

    Maybe it's about time to move the deatil over Faulks' house instead.
  6. Nothing, the fatwah has been lifted.

    As for before, are you suggesting we shouldn't protect a persons freedom of speach if it's a bit expensive? If they had topped him it may have lead to even more of the same when ever a person said something the Iranians didn't like.

    I don't like the idea of some mad, old, wizened God botherer from the middle of nowhere dictating what I can buy in Waterstones.
  7. I did object to the fact that Rushdie contributed very little (in fact he allegedly charged his protection officers rent for the rooms they stayed in) to the cost of his protection considering the amount he was making money from the Satanic Verses.

    I'm not suggesting we shouldn't protect a persons freedom of speach (sic) if it's a bit expensive: Hence my suggestion that we should move Rushdie's detail over to Faulks' home.