Watch Out, Its a Scam!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Speedkuff, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. So, the other day, the current Mrs. Speedkuff was at home when she received a telephone call. It went something like this....

    "Hello? Mrs. Speedkuff? Yes? Ahh, it's Easy-Bookers here. No, I'm not trying to sell you something. No, really. Do you remember participating in one of our surveys in May? Well our representative told you that there was the chance to win a free holiday... and you've won"

    Cue Mrs. SK jumping up and down with excitement. She then goes on to ask if it's connected with time share/property sales and what does she have to buy/pay in the way of "Admin fees" "Registration fees" etc and as a cynical copper, I have to say that she conducted the interrogation of the rep very thoroughly.

    So, having been told that the only thing payable was the airport tax of £29 each, she asked for details of how to obtain the prize.

    The Easy-Bookers rep then said that all we had to do was to attend at a place called "Club La Costa" on the Quayside Business Park in Leeds and we would be provided with the voucher/ticket for the prize. "Fair enough" says that Mrs and the following day we made our way to said location.

    Upon arrival, I noticed the various posters for Time Share etc around the walls and other couples at the premises, presumably, they were also "winners" "Hmmm potential ripoff/scam here" and tell the Mrs.

    And so we're all ushered into a "Meet&Greet" area where the first slimeball slithers up and begins to tell us about exciting opportunities in property ownershi... STOP!!!!!

    So, I sez, "'Ang on a second mate, my missus made careful enquiries of your rep on the 'phone and was very clearly told that this was nothing to do with timeshare etc and that we would be collecting tickets/vouchers for a prize which would cost us £29 for A/P tax and we had to take our own spends. Is this the case or not????"

    Disconcerted herbert then states that "Oh no sir, there IS a discounted holiday available for those who wish to participate blahblahblahblahblahblah...."

    Exit Mrs and self but not before an interesting moment when I was retrieving the paperwork we completed upon arrival. The little shite claimed (Initially) that we couldn't have it back because of "Data Protection" bullshit!! paper removed ASAP and off we went to IKEA and had meatballs and chips instead....

    So... worth keeping an eye open innit? I mean, if you want to buy timeshare, fair enough, fill yer boots. However if you don't, save youselves a wasted trip (Unless you like IKEA).

    Mind you, the day wasn't totally wasted. I found a bottle of excellent Akavit in the IKEA shop and now I'm typing with hangover that justifies it's purchase :p
  2. Me and Mrs Bink went on one of these presentations, endured it and took the vouchers. Had a lovely week in a beautiful apartment but then had to endure another hardsell when we were there... fortunately we're both quite hardened and had our minds set on saying "f@ck off, you're wasting your time and ours" and left after 3hrs with honour intact (we did try to buy an apartment as opposed to a holiday scheme but the f~ckers wouldn't sell us one!!").
  3. Hello, Well this is amazing, me and the family got collared by these lot in Fengirolla whilst on holiday, exactly the same scam, the rep told us we had won a cam corder or a holiday or 400 euros as a result of a scratch card, one in 200 cards she said, yeh I bet, Me the Wife and Kids were bundled into a taxi and driven 30 mins up the road to spend the entire afternoon in the hot sun at Club La Costa listening to this A**se Hole drivil on about his resort and how it was definatly not a time share and then the "Hard Sell" at the end, 4 hours in total, me and the wife were only there for this so called free prize, which, incidently, turned out to be a time share holiday in Teneriefe at which we would have had to have spent alot of time at timeshare meetings, we (me and the wife) knew it was a con, all the same we wanted to give it a go....what a waste of an afternoon on our holiday.....Stay AWAY from Club La Costa, we took their free prize, tour it up and sent it back to the T**ser who had tried his Hard Sell on us.
  4. Incidently, they did the Data Protection Act forms with us, I sent them a letter asking for them to be destroyed as I was so angry I did not think to get them on the way out of their S**t H*le, ....Any possible Comeback??
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Happend to me in Fengirolla aswell I was 24 the then bird was 19
    How the fukc they thought we could afford owt I don't know
    Explained it all to the bloke at the complex that we only wanted to see if we had won anything so he sqaured us away with a free day trip to Gib and apologised and said that the lads would be told the errors of their ways
    We didn't even fit the profile
    Although I do get the phone calls for the same deal in leeds never been
  6. No wonder the Rep with the scratch card looked so happy, I was told that they get paid 170 euros for each family they send up there, so they don't care who they get, whether they fit the profile or not.
  7. We've just got back from a week in Tenerife courtesy of a similar lot. It can actually worth going on the 'free' hol (in our case just £69 admin fee, flights (scheduled, with BA) thrown in) as ours was in five star Gold Crown thingy resort, which was very nice indeed!

    Ususal rub is you have to attend a presentation at the resort, we got out after two hours. Think our sales spod realised that 'No!' meant exactly that and told us she was paid a salary anyway, so was going to spend the afternoon on the beach!

    Two hrs and £69 for a week for myself and Mrs. Babble in a 5 star apartment isn't a bad deal really....
  8. There is no such thing as free lunch.

    And the easiest to con are the greedy. (trust me I spent years conning greedy people).
  9. Petite_butsweet, quite right, however, are you telling me that if you were offered a free lunch you would not be interested or indeed, curious, thats how these people intise you in, the curiosity factor.
  10. Nope I would never be enticed, because I know that nobody does something for nothing, there will always be a cost to you to get involved and a pay off for them. Human nature I'm afraid. :hug:
  11. Nope I would never be enticed, because I know that nobody does something for nothing, there will always be a cost to you to get involved and a pay off for them. Human nature I'm afraid. :hug:
  12. How did you do that then?
  13. Long story- one I don't intend to share.

    But trust me on one thing, I have met some great con artists and they will only ever go for the greedy and the impulsive. The kind of person that would like to get one over on someone else - you know the type I mean?

    If you are neither greedy or impulsive, you take the time to think and don't get sucked in to being scammed.
  14. I have heard tales of con artists being conned,yes.
  15. If it costs nothing - that's what it's worth.