watch out, here comes iran !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I belive that iran is about to start fireing rockets at israel in the nex few days , just wach this space. thoughts please comrades.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I doubt it very much. Iran is an old enough civilisation to understand the merits of sitting off and allowing an enemy to damage themselves.
  3. Have Iran not suppied the training, means and where with all already for Hamas to do the murdering?

    However, IF Iran was STUPID enough to fire misiles at Isreal, they would be a steaming hole in the ground, where Iran once was?
  4. I believe the phrase used by one ex-Israelie PM was "We would turn Iran into a sea of glass!" 8O

    Can't see it myself; taking the p1ss out of the UK by grabbing an IPod or two does'nt carry much danger of massive retaliation(more's the pity :roll: ). Start chucking rockets at Isreal and the Red Sea Pedestrians will suffer a massive sense of humour failure. And Iran will glow in the dark for the next thousand years or so.

    Iran knows this, and they also know the Shrub would absoultely LOVE the excuse to start one final scrap before handing the whole mess over to Obama. :twisted:
  5. And you got this information from where/whom exactly? :roll:
  6. If that happens, Obama will be the first winner of the US Presidential Election to demand a re-count! :twisted:
  7. Well not after being on the Iranian equivilant of this forum, seeing 99.9% of it, is populated by 14 year olds and jihad-walts. Who also havent a sense of humour (which is why we got banned during the caubeen days) :D
  8. Do you have a link? :twisted:
  9. Its somewhere on the old caubeen link? I was Caubeen on there, asking them about fishing in their rivers, and what was it like for fly fishing. Then some others came on, and we all got banned. Funny enough, seems their is some good fishing spots in Iran.
  10. Iran, the axis of all evil. Bomb 'em i tell yah. :evil:
  11. You're a damn sight more subtle than me, mate. My first post would probably have been along the lines of: "You're mothers suck pig's c0cks in Hell!" 8O :oops: :twisted:
  12. You are POTUS George Bush and I claim my $10! :D
  13. what ICBM capability dothey have its around 1100km border to border?
  14. All joking aside, did'nt they test one last year that had the range to hit Isreal?

    ISTR a range of 4,000 km being mentioned. Awaiting correction.
  15. So you reckon it is a good idea for me to get away on an overseas holiday about now?