Watch out for the Red Bull Traffic Police!!!!

Drivers have been warned about caffeine excess after a man was jailed for leading police on a 50-mile car chase after drinking 20 cans of Red Bull.
Peter Edwards, 48, from King's Lynn, was jailed for four months on Friday after Norwich Crown Court heard he was pursued across Cambs and Norfolk.

His car was seen "swerving from side to side" across the A10, the court heard.

The AA motoring group said too much caffeine can affect the way you drive.
had a night mare with a kiddy addicted to the stuff turned up for a 3 day camp with 35 cans of the stuff!
stuffs like crack if you drink a few cans one after another be completley hyper one moment then depressed as fcuk.
rewrote are procedures after that
Saw one kid at the Galway dog track a few years back drink about 6 cans (was only 8 or 9) and he spent the rest of the evening zooming around like the Tazmanian Devil from the Warner Bros. cartoons. The most bizarre part of the evening was watching the kid and his friends placing bets with the bookies, with the Gardai looking not nonchalantly. There was also a 12 yr old girl studiously examining the running order, with a crowd of blokes hanging on her every words because, as far as I could tell, she was picking around 2/3 of the winners.

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