Watch out for Prego Events! New to BFG for Theming and Entertainment

Prego Events are just about to do thier first event in Germany for 28 Eng Reg this weekend. Keep an eye out for pictures of Theming the BFG have never seen before. Prego make all their own props and have gone from organising 2 Summer Ball's in 2010 to Organising 30 Christmas Functions this Christmas in UK and now in Germany.

It's really easy we own all our own props, theming, decor, table centres, lighting meaning we can offer you great rates which no other entertainment agency can.

We managed to reduce the entertainment cost for 28 Eng Reg by %35 compared with Starfire costs.

if you need any more details.
07971 521049
I was at one of the functions and can say it was a really good night, great entertainment and a big saving overall meaning more prizes in the draw.

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