Watch out Arrse Plods ... Theresa May is on the case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Starting with Kent?
  2. The MPs will be looking especially at Police Expenses.
  3. Well they missed Hayman (and he was head of the met DPS, so there's hope then!)

    What a farce, MP's point out the splinter in someone's eye and miss the beam in their own.

    Junior plod wouldn't accept anything other than a cup of tea whilst taking a statement (and then only if we make it ourselves). The PSD will get their next promotion off screwing you for anything else.

    Unless you are ACPO, I suppose.....
  4. They might like to start with discovering what integrity is.

    Swearing is not integrity.

    Questioning police procedure is not integrity, if procedures leave themselves open to be questioned by time served officers.

    Negativity towards work is not integrity, we've all had shit days / shit bosses / shit situations.

    And as for questioning the government? Why not?

    The police forces of the UK need major reconstruction, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. The chiefs offer little support to the average bobby and are merely looking for their next promotion. I bet in the met alone binning a few hundred senior officers would allow for a 1000 or more bobbies on the street.

    The above is just the way I see it looking from the outside in, I hope some bobby can come on and tell me I'm wrong. It's a amn shame if I'm not.
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  5. How about starting with the abolition of ACPO?
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  6. Hugely need to put their own house in order first. How about stamping out corruption, nepotism and fraud in their own house. Wonder what has prompted the witch hunt? The police not submitting to political control enough for their liking? MPs... Hypocrites the lot of them.
  7. La May made her speech to the Cons conference in October.

    Is the Telegraph article then just placed to agitate after the revelations of yesterday's evening news?

    In any case, here's a copper's blog response to that speech, in which he makes some fair and cogent points, relevant also to today's skirmish. Some of the comments are interesting, also:

    Theresa May’s speech – the five big lies. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  8. Interesting to read an outsiders point of view.

    You seem to have a good grasp of the situation. Sadly, the job is pretty broken. I don't see safer streets, despite the endless insistence that crime is down. Do you? Course not. Yet the bosses have to insist on it. It's like a totalitarian state, with a truth that must be proven regardless of facts to the contrary.

    And the bottom line is the public. The service that we are supposed to give them. I had to go to a theft from an unattended car the other day, bit out of my usual CID stuff. I was a bit surprised to see that no officers had attended the victim's address. No one had knocked any doors. All they got was a crime reference number off the call center, and to be fair a scene of crime bod was sent to check for fingermarks.

    But for someone who just lost the tools of their work, I'd be a bit hacked off if I knew that I only got two CID calling for another reason. What I was supposed to have got was next to nothing.

    Now that's poor.

    I routinely have to help my friends or sometimes relatives navigate the police system. God knows how you are supposed to get through it if you don't know the game. And this isn't to 'get off traffic tickets' or something (that isn't possible), in the case of my mum it was how to get a cop to turn up to deal with problem neighbours. Three days after she called she got a PCSO. 'Was that was supposed to happen?' I was asked.

    But according to the stuff I read on work newsletters, crime is down, public confidence is OK and we are succeeding to do more with less. Quite where I don't know, 'cos that doesn't reflect my parish.

    Sorry to confirm your opinion, Dinggerr. I'm just telling you the blunt truth from where I stand, and I am just about less important than the station cat. Maybe someone with some rank will put me right, maybe I have got it all wrong. I doubt it though.

    Too late, that is going to be incorporated into the College of Policing

    ACPO Future For Members Alone To Decide | UK Police News - Police Oracle

    So the "strategic" functions of the seperate police forces will be achieved in the new College of Policing (supposedly a bit like the Royal College of Nurses).

    Strangely, both ACPO and the Superintendent's Association don't want to play with the Police Federated ranks.

    Anyone would think their interests and were not the interests of the majority of cops. What they (ACPO) tend to forget is that the rank structure is merely there for administrative convenience. What matters is that everyone is an attested Constable.

    Or not if you are getting rid of constables for privatised jobs that are given to companies you go on to join the boards of when you retire.

    oops. Did I speak out of turn there?
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  9. Probably due to the fact that the Met are proving to be an more effective opposition to the government and the labour party at the moment.
  10. Ah, pot - Kettle - Black.

    I wish this lot were around when I was in, I could have done with some advice on claiming my expenses. And lets be perfectly clear about this. There are a number of individuals still in the House, who had they been Police Officers and not politicians (who appear to be exempt from the Laws the rest of us adhere to), would, as we speak, be languishing, quite rightly, in a ****ing cell.

    I agree the police need a shake up, starting at the top, but the ******* in parliament should keep their corrupt, troughing noses out of it.
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  11. I hope they look at perks too.

    I was nearly in an accident recently when a massive, gleaming, top of the range limmo jumped a red light and nearly hit my car at a road junction. After both of our cars had stopped, the limmo's lights started flashing blue, the driver backed up and drove off.

    The limmo was the Chief Constable's chauffeur driven "company car". His 5 immediate subordinates get BMWs.

    There are about 1300 people in my local force. What would that be in the army? A battle group commanded by a Lt Col? How many battle groups offer the CO a limmo and BMWs for the majors? How many private sector companies offer employees at that level a top of the range, chauffeur driven limmos?
  12. Why don't they start by asking from the bottom up rather than the top down?
  13. The sole purpose of a newspaper is to sell newspapers. To make money. If a politician with a similar political outlook as the newspaper is able to help and get a headline in the process, everyone's happy. Surely? And some politicians shamelessly jump on a bandwagon better than others. It's all Psy Ops. Don't believe the hype.