Watch for the mail order weapons catalogue in your post-box!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by California_Tanker, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. When you English types get the catalogue, do us colonials a favour and scan it for us.

    I don't know what they're thinking, I think they're going to have the reverse reaction than they had anticipated.

    Watch this advert, then read the accompanying article.


    LONDON Jan. 26, 2006 — - British moviegoers will be shown a spoof TV-shopping advertisement for an AK47 assault rifle as part of a shock campaign designed to increase awareness of the illegal arms trade.

    The presenters glorify firepower and the merits of the AK47, and a young boy demonstrates how a Kalashnikov works.

    Viewers are even told they will receive free ammunition when they call to place their orders with the phony advertiser, Teleshop.

    The cinema ad is part of a much wider campaign. A glossy mail order "small arms catalog" will be sent to thousands of homes and will feature models posing with machine guns and automatic pistols. A viral e-mail campaign will surprise Internet users with fake special offers for weapons.

    If that's not enough, a "roadshow" will tour shopping centers across the country, with people pretending to be company representatives demonstrating the ease with which an AK47 can be assembled and fired.

    The mock advertisement will be shown in 300 cinemas, reaching an estimated 2 million people over a four-week period. The viewers are urged to text in their name as part of a petition to the British government urging tough control of the sales of deadly weapons.

    "Some people might find our Teleshop advert disturbing. But what's truly shocking is that one person dies every minute from armed violence," Amnesty International U.K .director Kate Allen said.

    Arms controls around the world are riddled with loopholes, allowing weapons to be sold to conflict zones and countries that repress and torture their people. The global arms trade is now worth $21 billion a year.

    "Shock advertising" isn't a groundbreaking idea. Italian fashion retailer Benetton became synonymous in the 1980s and '90s, with campaigns that used images of a dying AIDS patient and a dead soldier's blood-splattered uniform.

    But this time around, it is hoped that the shock tactic might coerce at least 1 million people to join the petition to put the arms control issue on the British government's agenda at a UN meeting in June
  2. Excellent idea give Chavs skill at arm lessons :roll:
  3. Well, I think the vid at least will become a cult classic - and not in the way Amnesty International intended....
  4. They don't listen do they :roll: ....tougher controls will not stop armed crime in this country or in fact the arms long as you have rogue states who don't give a toss and chav scum who don't care at all
  5. 8) Wonder if you could have them under consumer law for not delivering you a Klash?

    Love it.
  6. Amazing. A roadshow to show how 'easy' it is to strip and assemble a weapon. I can hear the muttering now.. 'I want that one!..
  7. hear hear something i have been saying for some time , like many other sane MOPs would be saying.

    "ooh let ban auto weapons reduce gun crime" = gun crime still rises regardless
    "ohhh lets ban Handguns and reduce crime" = gun crime still rises regardless

    something is not quite right there , as criminal don't exactly go to Police station for a licence so they can buy one to rob a bank with******.gif
  8. As much as I think cracking down on the international arms trade is a good idea .Knicking peoples countries (sorry establishing freedom and democracy) is a lot easier if some essex wide boy hasen't flogged the natives a container load of aks and rpgs and landmines. This campaign is mad but the video is fun.

    On being hunter force for an otc e&e weekend exercise produced some Amnesty leaflets to give us some ideas :D .I was told i was sick. :!:
  9. And what happens when the first set of company representatives are overpowered by local chavs and their replica AK47 is stolen?

    Or when some terrified granny sees someone with an AK47 in a shopping centre and has a panic attack?

    Or someone calls the police to report a well dressed person with an assault rifle is standing in the middle of a shopping centre?

    They may not have thought the 'if it looks real, it is real' aspect of this through, I fear...
  10. Better get your order in quick though. They sold 9237 during the ad and only had 10,000 to start with.

    Bet the "years worth of ammo" offer is a crock of sh1te though, I mean will they send me a resup when I run out or what.
  11. How do they estimate a year's worth, anyway? Is it only for 'practical' needs, or will the allowance cover 'celebratory' purposes?
  12. So what you're saying is they don't have any real AKs and the free ammo deal was just a gag?

    I demand a refund.

  13. mind you there was some dodgy company flogging ex yugo aks etc to the congo and other dubious parts of africa from crawley of all places.
    although its perfectly legal as the weapons don't enter the uk.
    mind you crawley not exactly where you look to find an arms dealer not exactly exotic.
    not so much the lord of war more the david brent of conflict
  14. How many rounds were actually fired in those two bursts? There must have been more than 30 rounds in that wall and dummy!!!!

    Completely pointless advert, which doesn't "shock" so much as make a laughing stock out of the subject.
  15. Armed governments confronting their unarmed civilian populations constitute the leading cause of preventable death.

    By promoting the cause, Amnesty International is promoting the effect through wilful ignorance or otherwise.