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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by swatrfc, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Ive been looking at different watches and it seems that casio g shocks are good anyone got any recommendations im thinking of getting a solar are they as good as people say?
  2. I've got a G-shock and it's spot on, the light only stays on for half a second so it's good in the field. Just don't get one of the Satalite Time/Radio Time ones as you can't syncronise with other peoples watches due to them being auto-set by Satalite/Radio Waves.

    I paid £50 for mine and it's robust enough, had it for 2 years and it's been dragged through mud, rivers and bashed around in buildings and it still works fine.
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Casio G shock all the way. Had mine for over half a decade with no worries whatsoever. Batteries fine, body still looks new, same strap. Has the date, stopwatch and glows in the dark. Very highly recommended!
  4. Perfect watch for the job.

    Casio foxtrot nine one whisky.

    Less than a tenner from Liz Duke.

    And a breitling for back in the mess.

    beast AS
  5. Had a G-Shock for ages and haven't managed to break it yet. All sorts of handy features and incredibly rugged; can't recommend them enough.
  6. I used a g-shock for years with no dramas but recently brought a cheap Traser.... VERY nice.
  7. Don't waste your money buying a watch. Wait until you get to Phase 1 and simply go to stores and ask for a G10. You'll have to sign for it, but the storeman will be more than happy to oblige, as he will have a cupboard full.
  8. Not at Catterick as a Crow, you want a G10 you buy it (or a cheap immitation) from the Spar.
  9. Casio G shock, the Mudman or Gulfman models are good. I've got the Gulfman and it's been great. Breaking one is virtually impossible.
  10. Forger the G-shock. Get a Casio F91W from Argos for 10 pounds. In fact, get two, or three. Them three watches will probably outlast your army career.

    It is so good, it even has a wikipedia entry:

    Ignore the part about it being only splash proof. I've worn the F91W in the showers, whilst swimming and during river crossings and it has never failed on me. I usually lose it before the battery runs out.

    This is the cockroach of the watch world.

    PS: I love it so much, I've even looked it up on amazon.

    7 pounds 99 pence for the best watch in the world. :!:
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  11. Ah! I see a fellow connoisseur of this timeless errr timepiece.
  12. Looks fine to me and good value.

    I wouldn't spend £50 on a watch for basic as I would proberbly loose it
  13. I'll reinforce what was said about water - though wiki describes it as 'splashproof only', it was absolutely fine when scuba diving at 15m.

    Not the smartest watch out there, but an absolutely perfect field watch.

  14. Yeah If you have a decent storeman! Ive never met a storeman that will let me sign a G10 out. I always get "Dont have any mate"

    But seriously as most of the guys have reccomended G-Shocks are the way forward pay anywhere between £25-£50 and it'l last a life time, Well if not a career!

    What you joing anyway? Good luck!