Watch Broker - Military Discounts


After years as a certified watch fetishist and buying and selling watches for his mates my cousin has just quit his job as a financial analyst and is setting himself up as a watch broker. Brave shout in these times, but anyway...

He is specialising in the classic market, Patek Phillipes and stuff like that at the 5 to 10 grand mark. However he is offering a discount to military and ex military bodies out of a fairly good sense of right and wrong.

He found my current watch for me and got me a hoofing deal and knows his stuff. He is a top boy and an awesome bloke to go for a beer with.

Website is being constructed as we speak.

If anyone is interested in buying a watch as an investment then he is worth chatting to. If people want his contact details then just drop me a pm.

Watch? Investment?



I thought a watch was to tell the time. Or if you want to show off can have a GPS or heart rate monitor attached.
But investment, as ITC says, nah!

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