Watch accuracy

A question for the watch aficionados, if you'd be so kind.

What loss of accuracy would be deemed satisfactory for a £100 watch?

I recently bought a Seiko automatic watch which is losing 30 secs + a day and this can't be satisfactory, surely.
I don't know what the acceptable limit should be but 30 secs is definately way too much. It needs to be sent back to be reconfigured (or whatever the technical watch term is)
If I paid a 100 quid for a watch, I would expect it to lose about 1 second a year. 30 seconds a day is far too much. Thats one lazy watch, send the bugger back.
Just viewed a watch forum on Seiko Automatic watches and the forum reconned that + or -

15 seconds a month was , in the begginging within normal parameters.

It would be a good idea to give it a month to settle down before you think of getting it regulated.

It is a living thing you know.
your watch instruction booklet should have a value in it for the accuracy that watch should meet. If it is outside this range then you need to get in touchw ith the seller or seiko direct.

the seiko website states the following for the Basic Caliber watch

Loss/gain (monthly rate) is less than 15 seconds (20 seconds for some calibres) in the
normal temperature range (5°C ~ 35°C or 41°F ~ 95°F).
The documentation that came with it should give an accuracy (usually seconds per month).

If you paid £100 for a new watch I would suggest that either:

It is a quartz watch and that is way outside acceptable tolerances - take it back.
It is a cheap knock off or a factory reject and you are lucky it works at all.
Many thanks for the replies, gents.

Manual, you say? Are we supposed to read that? ;-)

I've had it well over a month and I don't think my skin gives off enough heat to put it outside tolerances; I'll send it back.

Thanks again.
.... I've had it well over a month .... I'll send it back....
Assuming you've had it less than six months, the shop you bought it from have to repair replace or refund, unless they can prove that it is not faulty. Even after six months, it is still the seller's responsibility rather than the manufacturer's, though the onus is on you to show that the item was faulty at the time of purchase. Have a check of the documentation or the Seiko website for your specific model to see what the tolerance is, before the shopkeeper tries to pull the wool over your eyes.
I've emailed them and they're happy to refund, although he says about the >30 secs a day inaccuracy .....

That is quite normal for an automatic - still i understand that if you are used to quartz accuracy it can be offputting.
For future reference, it's a SEIKO 5 ARMY WATCH that you can't stop the sweep hand on! If I'd known that before I bought I'd never have bothered.

Now to find another watch :roll:
£475 for a bloody issue pilots watch - jog the **** on!
That's for pilots, this is for you:


These military style watches are extremly popular. Now with a quartz movement, they are reliable and accurate. Made by Timex, a long-established watch manufacturer. Vietnam era style GI watch.

Price : £19.99
When you say "automatic" I presume you mean an automatic mechanical watch? I only ask as some people refer to the Seiko Kinetic range as "automatic". If it's an automatic mechanical watch, then COSC Chronometer standards allow a maximum of +6/-4 per day. As it's not going to be COSC rated, then you should expect it to keep around +/-10 seconds per day at worst, you might be able to achied +/-2 seconds per day. The advantage of a proper mechanical watch is that it can be regulated. As it's within warranty it should be regulated under that.

If it's a quartz Kinetic type watch, then you should be expecting at worst +/-2 per day, but most will do that per month.

Telling you that it's normal for an automatic watch to lose 30 seconds a day is simply wrong, even if it's at the cheap end of mechanical watches.

You need to decide what's important to you. If accuracy is everything, then buy a G-Shock tough solar watch with multi band radio reception. You'll pick one up for much less than the Seiko. If you want something to be proud of, spend a bit more and get a tidy Swiss mechanical watch, lots about and everyone will give you their opinion, just choose wisely and enjoy. Pick something that you like and tell everyone else to go hang.
Guys, Just a guess, but I'm thinking that if the OP paid a ton for his automatic Seiko, he ain't gonna be spending the money for a Planet Ocean (the next watch on my list). How's about we give him some choices a bit lower down the pay scales?
Sunray Minor has found you a couple of doozies there, well priced too.

If you want to get into the world of watches, and it's a bug that bites, just ask lots of guys on here, then start second hand (no pun intended), with reputable dealers. Don't try to buy from ebay as you'll get your fingers burnt with fakes. Some are really good and can be difficult to spot.

Have a look at a couple of these sites to give you an idea.

Watches Of Distinction
Austin Kaye leading dealers in the UK of new and secondhand watches
Rolex Watches, Omega watches, Cartier Watches, Patek Philippe

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