wat is a feltcher

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Pride_of_the_South, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me wat a feltcher is and why do you know what it is?
  2. Did you deliberately post in the ARRSE Hole?
  3. I can feel a WWWWAAAAAHHHH...Comming on... :numberone:
  4. Oh, just go away and don't come back.

    Whatever your game is you've been rumbled. Take yourself, and your other identities back to your bedroom and indulge yourself in whatever puerile activities you prefer.
  5. No, Fcuk off naive young fool.

    If we tell you that you'll only start asking about things like snowballing then this whole thing really will snowball.
  6. i reckon its your favourite past time you gay bar loiterer! :frustrated:
  7. Isn't it a type of bird?
  8. it is someone who feltches
  9. good answer stoofer
  10. i thought it was someone who makes arrows! If not...it may explain a lot??
  11. Why don't you check Wikipedia rather than ARRSE, you troll. BTW, it's "felcher", not "feltcher". Apparently.
  12. not that you know eh dwarf?? :winkrazz: I think POTS is only 14 so he's maybe not ready to know the horrible truth just yet!