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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theparamancan, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Ok, am guessing there are other units with this problem.

    What is the usual time wasting activity taken up on your drill nights?

    Ours = Moving Tables (and sometimes chairs) from down stairs to upstairs, then visa-versa the next week.
  2. How about re-folding cam nets... which have never been used???? :evil:

    First-parading vehicles... which don't get taken out???? :evil:

    Or the classic... Operation Pickuplitter?

    Glad to see it's not just me... you're not based in the South-East, are you?
  3. ...Or we just get used as extra bodies for the QM... perhaps we should all just change trades to storemen :?:
  4. Forgot the brilliant

    "Okay men, eh...eh...eh... watch the law of armed conflict video again"
  5. "Oi! Cut that out!"... Ah, don't ya just love the dodgy eighties tashes and tight denims they wear!!

    I particularly love the 'An unthinking moment' video... wasn't Jimmy Nail in that one?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    On a serious note, poor quality training on a Drill night has been highlighted in more than one unit.

    What are the solutions?

  7. Our situation has actually improved recently. Much of this is due i think to having training programs made up that are stuck to. Unfortuantly you never know exactly how many blokes are going to turn in each night and nco's often have to cuff it. Great being the PTI though - "eh, pti, beast the joes please" doesn't get any simpler.
  8. And when you try to use them, they won't start cause for the last 3 months someones be runing them for 2 mins every drill night slowly discharging the batteries and putting nowt back in.

    (BTW first works every week isn't in the AESP)
  9. We have training conferences every quarter and produce a training plan that is stuck to (The OC gets very upset if it doesn't - and rightly so). We try to make it relevant and in sync with the rest of the sqn commitments. Some of it is a no brainer - e.g. exercise prep the drill night before a weekend exercise. We also have a period of Tp Cmdrs disposal which is usually when the soldiers get their admin sorted, visit clothing stores, visit the Admin Office. Try to balance any mundane stuff (maintenance, weapon cleaning etc) with interesting/fun stuff (PT, practical skills etc)

    Seems to work
  10. *Sergeant espies soldier stealing watch*
    Sergeant: "Oy! What do you think you're doing?"
    Cheeky Squaddie: "'Ee won't need it where ee's going..."
    Sergeant: "PUT IT BACK."

    Great vid.
  11. Are you sure? We get a right kicking from the inspection team/MT SNCO over first works every week.
  12. Nearly 100% but only bothered looking up l/r's (and the only thing I learned on my upgrader).
  13. When i joined my unit 3 yrs ago most nights were spent doin maintenance and sod all else. Since the OC and SSGT have implemented a good training program our numbers have tripled on a tues night. Basically id say the key is maximum activity, no one wants to waste their time turning up when ur not gonna do or learn anything. For instance last night i ran a CFT and had almost maximum turnout for it (and they did know about it before!) they all enjoyed it, i must be doing something wrong!

  14. Every unit will have its moments, i am fortunate that my unit doesn't have drill nights. We dont have cam nets and the civvies clean the hanger. but i think we overkill the A jobs and patch painting. Failing that we just deploy out to the field n play with helicopters lol.
  15. Paint !!!

    You get bloody paint ?!!

    We are not allowed to paint our wagons , cosh H+S etcetcetc