wasted manhours

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldy_git, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Ive been thinking about how many manhours REME waste and the biggest loss is due to the 3 year posting cycle. With the new system of 10 days embarkation leave and with booking out and booking in to units as well as any conversion to equipment it is staggering at the days lost.

    For one individual if he takes 5 days to book out, 5 days to book in, 10 days embarkation leave and 30 days equipment conversion then you are looking at 50 days wasted in a three year posting.

    if you say that 2000 members of REME are posted each year then this means that for booking out and booking in as well as embarkation leave that 40,000 days are wasted each year.

    i know these figures are estimated but if there are even halfway right it is a lot of production wasted.

    Im not even going to go into the cost of postings but i bet it would refurbish a few accomodation blocks.

    I realise that there are circumstances where people have to move or want to but why move people who are happy where they are and whose unit is happy with them.
  2. I for one definately think we should be given the option of staying in post, or at least a REAL option of extension. So many people have been posted when their kids have only one year of school left, etc.

    Staying in post would cut down on lost hours, let alone hours / days / weeks lost when the replacement posted in is sent off on an eqpt cse to learn the kit new to him.

    Same old story: Class 3 posted in to unit, does eqpt cse, achieves class 2 after 6 - 12 months, becomes competant and able to function within the section then after 2 years posted out, where the cycle starts for him AND the unit again.

    Please nobody reply with that "Investing in People" rubbish. It doesn't wash. If the soldier is good at his job and happy, I believe the unit should make an effort to keep him.
  3. REME soldiers need to be posted to give them broader engineering experience. If we're going to keep people in the same unit for years on end, they may as well transfer into that regiment.
    I do agree that people do not need to move location every 3 years, they could spend 12 years in Hohne and serve in a variety of units, same goes for many Garrisons.
    A little more thought and flexibilty could achieve greater stability for those who want it.
  4. I think we may see baldy's vision becoming a reality within the next ten years, retention of junior ranks is a real problem that the top corridoor are looking at.
    Considering continuance for a junior rank, ie: L/Cpl is a thought that was mentioned. Some people are happy to stay in the ranks.
    Also Versatile Engagement will be available soon.
  5. Fair enough but what about those posted to a sh!tehole like tidworth? if they don't want to stay in a location and want posted out somebody else has to be posted in to replace them. Do you then have to start looking at the individual's circumstances to decide if he is posted or remains, if so does that mean that the singleys end up getting the posting in and out of the shite jobs while those with families get to stay in a good location?

    That said, I'm sure next time someone is looking for a project to gain an OBE from this could be the winner, it was after all the over-riding excuse given for the abolition of the Arms Plot and the Future Infantry Structures to remove the need for the rerole training.
  6. There are natural breaks in a soldiers career to enable experience to be gained from postings. With upgraders and tiffy course you have 2 breaks where postings can be achieved. The higher up the ranks you go you expect to be posted into an available slot. One area i am concerned with is the artisans who do not need to move to gain experience in their last three years. What is the point in posting someone so close to their end of service if they are going to have to be retrained.

    You would still waste working days posting people between units in the same garrison as you are entitled to the 10 days embarkation leave and you still have to book out and book in.
  7. Since when did you get 10 days leave for postings within garrisons? I only left in September 06 and it wasn't the rule then.

    With regard to crap postings, it can be worked out because not everyone thinks the same way, for instance I quite enjoyed Tidworth. Same with Hohne, although I did really enjoy Paderborn and was sad to leave.
    People in their last 3 years may still need to move, not for their benefit but for the bloke coming in. i.e. Artisan SSgt may need to move to allow a newly promoted SSgt into his slot.

    Time wasted on booking in and out is down to units admin, I booked out in about 2 days each time, I was still able to work in between signatures if there was a delay. We can't stop posting people because it's a bit of an inconvenience to leave FFS.

    I think there is more to gain from postings than there is to lose. We have bigger wastes of manhours than postings - fatigue parties, pointless parades, waiting for spares etc.
  8. You do now weve just had a guy posted 500m away from where he was working and he's on his 10 days embarkation leave now.

    Like i said in the first post the figures are just estimated, 2 days to book in and 2 to book out is very quick for our unit as we have to go round all the houses and try to track down all the relevant personel who seem to be masters of E and E.

    As for waiting for spares being a waste why not move onto the next job as theres always plenty of work to do.

    I do agree with fatigue parties and pointless parades being a drain though.
  9. Wasted manhours =:Sum(REME Officers in or out of post:Non Tech tiffy training:All pot Art training:90%of soldier training conducted by REME:Garrison fatigues as last)
    From my memory anyway.
  10. Gee B_G, hadn't thought of moving on to the next job, I've been sat here for 6 months waiting for a widget :) Seriously though, I meant the waiting around for QM(T) people to get the bit off the shelf and sort the paperwork as well as the actual waiting for a bit to be made and delivered. Consider the time spent by a tradie finding the NSN, ordering it on FEMIS,walking to & from the store, signing bits of paper, returning the old bit if it's P class, the list is endless. It's almost enough to make you put in a posting pref!

    T_B why is non tech tiffy training a waste of manhours? We aren't just tradesmen you know.
  11. I agree entirely Nige, Just getting it in before someone else does. or worse still includes "all tiffy training"
  12. We could sack all tiffy training in favour of the three month engineering management course that civvy WKSP bosses do... That would put over a year back in trade (maybe as a fitter section Sgt) over five hundred days for each tiffy. Be honest how many tiffies go out to white collar careers in engineering....
  13. You can't equate a Tiffy's job with a Civvy Wksp manager's. If an equipment in a civvy shop needs specialist services there is very rarely not a replacement available. If you're out on ops you don't have the luxury of parking it up while you wait for someone to come from the manufacturers and have a look at it , go back to his base to look up records of simi9lar faults then come back and have a second look. A good tiffy is priceless and there are tiffies in the army because the army needs tiffies. I was forman of a DAF wksp for several years and could tell horror stories of waiting for specialist help , and spares. You may mutter about FAMTO (or it's modern equivalent) but ubril you've tried to get spares in civvy street you haven't lived. As an afterthought most REME fitters/VMs whatever learned their trade in the army (as I did) and have no experience of the internal workings of the civvy repair industry.