Wasted Journey

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NINJA69, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Just got back from an interview with the Regional Training Centre but was turned away due to my unit not sending my CR's to them.
    On friday I got home from the All Arms Drill Course where several lads were RTU'd for not having the correct medical paperwork.
    I know that mistakes happen but it drives me mad when things like this happen.
    Have you had any wasted journey's? :pissedoff:
  2. Drove all the way to Warminster for the Recce Commanders Course only to find out the the course had been cancelled three weeks before.
    Gave back the hired car before i found out....was trapped there for three days as my unit was on a long weekeknd.....At least i was in the Sgt's mess and the bar was cheap! :wink:
  3. i think i have lost count on the amount of wasted journeys that i have had
  4. A 4 Para mate went down from Glasgow for his jump re-qual (hastens to add not a para nor jump qual myself). RAF had cancelled the course 2 days before and sent letters (2nd class MOD standard) to the units telling people. Accom had been cancelled etc etc. Bars were open though and well used.

    Last time I was at Chilwell a number of the RLC sponsored reservists were going through. One was failing fit to deploy on medical grounds. This, of course, not only meant no mobilisation but the loss of his civvy career. Queue much unhappiness, various gaggles of medics and lots of waiting around for everybody.
  5. travelled to glencourse for reg. selection in 2001 took about 5 hours, was there about an hour before the m.o. asked me if i had broken my nose ever i said yes as a child but it did not bother me now, he sent me packing, missed my train, got home after midnight .....what a ****, then had to get the nhs to straighten it and go back got in no probs after that!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A flat nose was almost mandatory for the jocks at Shornecliffe, that and most teeth on a plate or screw ins!
  7. Spent 9 hours on public transport getting from Bristol to Norwich for a weekend to train on the only set of serviceable kit in the UK. Arrived early hours Saturday morning. Informed after breakfast that the kit had been shipped to theatre a week before. It was our seniors who had organised it I felt sorry for....
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Spent 2 weeks in Germany just to satisfy the requirement to confirm my commission and spent most of it asleep in/near the RCP.

  9. Tell the boys and girls how you broke your nose the last time.
  10. i refuse to rise to the bait as per usual.

    i have only broke it the once i was 6 years old and did it falling out of my bunk bed.

    your a bully n69!
  11. What about the time when you were on adventurous training and was twirling your paddle while in a canoe and it smacked you in the face, did you not break it again then aswell?
  12. Myself and another got a lift in a 3 Batt Foden, from Pristina, all the way down to Thesaloniki, staying for a night on the lash in Skopje on the way. We got to Thes', waited another day for the boat to arrive. The boat was off loaded, and the Beddyshite we were supposed to be collecting didn't appear. We asked the loader why it wasn't on the boat, he had know idea? We called the OC LAD, and he found out after sometime, that it had broken down on the way to the port, and didn't make it on. We spent another 2 days waiting for a lift back up country. So all in all me any my mate spent nearly a week out of theatre, drinking in Thes in our greens. Not a wasted journey at all! I even took a couple of "gyros pitas" back up with me for the lads. Bless 'em.
  13. Nearly every drill night for five odd years?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Every trip into the TA having spent ages sorting out the training only to find that the Toms haven't bothered to turn up because there is football on/it is raining?

    Two way street folks.