A mate of mine recently had a circumcision operation as he could place a hugh quantity of 10p pieces underneath his foreskin. I also had a female friend who had a breast reduction operation (needless to say I no longer talk to her). It is my opinion that if the big fella upstairs gives you talent like this you should be arrested if you decide to waste it. Is anyone aware of others doing similar things ?
I had a colleague who had a handsome crop of piles that were an endless source of amusement. Oh how we laughed as he sat down on the Sainsbury's bag full of old nails and screws we'd put on his chair. His inflatable "blood-donut" that he sat provided epic morale-boosts to the rest of us.

Selfish cnut went to hospital and had them removed. Work became much duller, and I think he squandered a gift from nature that should have been preserved forever.

Very selfish I agree. I had a Sgt in Hong Kong had chalfonts, when he had them removed at the BMH we sent the surgeon a "get well" card as he must have had the ugliest arrse in the world!

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