Waste of Pixels - People who should be removed from TV permanently

Not unlike those annoying strangers you meet at parties who within five minutes say “there was this one time at university”.

Every fücker goes to university these days, you’re nothing special.

"When I was in the army . . . . . "

C'mon, we're all guilty.

O Zangado

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This cuñt. There's more humour in my left bollock.
I have to admit I have absolutely no idea who that is, but he has an earnest "Owen Jones" look, you hint he plies his trade as a "comedian", presumably on Al Beeb, and both he and his backdrop are excessively ginger to boot. He is therefore by all accounts a cnut of the highest magnitude and I will thank you not to enlighten me further.


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Although I gather Yentob is largely persona non grata at the BBC now? Did they finally bin him after that charity debacle with that sofa-sized patchwork quilt wearing berk?
A successful completion of the Bobby Sands diet

Sing along at the back

Do you want another cheeseburger Bobby Sands...........

Fred D Rift

Reminded of a ''joke'' from my school days:

How do you get 6 people in a Cortina?

Two in the front, two in the back, one in the boot and Bobby Sands up the exhaust pipe...


When I was at university, I used to regale everyone with tales of when I was in the Army.:)

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