Waste of money

Advert in the Guardian [where else?!] for a Curator of Art on £37,000 at Addenbrooke Hospital which has recently been critisized for cancelled ops, MRSA poor record etc., No wonder the NHS is going to hell in a handcart if taxpayers cash is being spent on this sort of crap instead of for instance extra nurses.
Rant over.

Agree with your point in principle. But, the issue is would the £37,000 which will provide 2 extra newly qualified staff nurses (ie 2/3 of a day for 4 days a week considering leave, sickness and mandatory training) make much of a difference? The real point is that we have a shortage of nurses the UK because:

a. Despite 20 years of Charlie Fairhead on Casualty nursing is still seen as a “girls job” and therefore…
b. Despite 35 years of legislation to enforce sexual equality female dominated occupations are on average paid 20% less than equivalent male dominated professions.

What we need is (of course) more illegal and legal immigrants from places such as the Philippines or Zambia. Although by-in-large good and well meaning folk, have absolutely nothing in common with, or understanding of the British culture in which the average NHS inpatient (approx 67 years old) is familiar with. Nursing is, I believe because of its intimate nature the most culturally sensitive of the health professions. Simply, no culturing empathy no “nursing”.


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What we require is a return to proper nursing standards where SENs and SRNs worked together on wards, under a staff nurse and a sister.

Nowadays we have every nurse degree qualified, they start as a "staff nurse" and so we have all chiefs and no indians.

We need nurse who roll their sleeve up and get on with the job...nurses who are not too proud to rub ointment on arrses and empty bedpans......real nurses.
As a young Lance jack, I had the good fortune to be one of only 4 blokes who legitimately lived in the QATC at Aldershot, and some of those girlies could have rubbed ointment on my arrse any day. Come to think of it, one of them did.

OK, I'll get me coat.

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