Waste of £7m

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murphy_Slaw, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. So after 10 years and a lot of crap.
    Lord Justice Scott Baker has told us what we already knew.
    It was a pissed up Frenchie and the not wearing of seat belts that killed Diana and Dodi.

    waste of money

    "There is "no evidence" that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered Princess Diana's death or that it was organised by MI6, the coroner at her inquest has said"

    "You will have been reassured to have heard that Mohamed Al Fayed told you on oath that he will accept your verdict; no doubt the other interested persons will do likewise."

    So will Mohamed finaly wind his neck in and concentrate on Fulham FC's demise or can he waste more of our money in some other trumped up courthouse?
  2. Go to your local coroners court and see that the average case is heard in less than half an hour.
  3. £7M - small change, a mere drop in the ocean for a bunch of clowns that waste billions in the blink of an eye.
  4. The only reason it dragged on for so long is because that nasty little Arab cnut threw loads of money at it. He's such an offensive man...I despise him.
  5. Agree with your summary of his undoubted cnut-ness but where exactly, did the loads of money he threw at it come from?

    Us, not him! He has no obligation whatsoever to pay for any of the farcical circus. Isn't it about time we fugged the fugger off out of it? Only in the UK would a non-domiciled chopper like him be allowed to spend 7 million of our money to prove what a cnut he is. GGMS.
  6. He is just miffed because we won't give him a passport.
  7. Following questioning from Nicholas Hilliard, for the coroner, Mr Al Fayed exclaimed : "I would like an apology. It is not acceptable to call me a liar in front of the jury."

    Coroner Lord Justice Scott-Baker responded: "It is for the jury to decide whether you told the truth or not and they can make up their own minds about your explanation."

    (taken from the Beeb)

    Take that ya wee arab tw@
  8. "I would like an apology. It is not acceptable to call me a liar in front of the jury."

    in that case I shall call you a liar in front of the bar!......and in front of my house.........etc.,etc.

    He is such an arrogant bar steward that he thinks he can re-write British law and sway the jury.

    I hereby declare you unfit for giving evidence and condemn you to a life of ridicule.......now FCUK OFF!
  9. He's a complete cnut. This is the same little fcuktard that wasted £4 million in legal costs trying to sue the police for wrongful arrest. He has more money than sense but he'll never be rich enough to own a British passport...fcuk him!
  10. Could I give a fcuk about the whole Diana conspiracy? Never did. Never will. As appealing as Eastenders.

    Paul Burrell needs a good shoeing though, publicity seeking, money grabbing, contradicting pooftah look-alike.

    Dodi Al fayad? I just don't care.
  11. They should bill Al-Fayed, back pocket change to him!
  12. Agreed on Burrell, low life parastic turd that deserves to be boiled alive.

    As for Al Fayed, his cnutness is without doubt, but he has lost his son and who can blame him for doubting the word of authorities that quite shamelessly declare under oath that they have never participated in any dirty tricks to achieve their ends?

    At least this circus is over with now.
  13. I'm surprised that it is "only" £7 million. Its been going on for ever. There was Butler Sloss before Scott Baker.

    Presumably Al Fayed picks up the tab for his own legal costs. Can Scott Baker make an order that he pays the rest as well? If he can, he should.
  14. And people will still believe she was killd by MI6 or the Royals or something.