Waste, fraud in Iraq, being repeated in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by KevinB, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. "WASHINGTON – Waste and corruption that marred Iraq's reconstruction will be repeated in Afghanistan unless the U.S. transforms the unwieldy bureaucracy managing tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure projects, government watchdogs warned Monday."


    Wonderful, just what is needed. :roll: Already 30 billion has been poured into this...

    "Their assessment, along with testimony from Thomas Gimble of the Defense Department inspector general's office, laid out a history of poor planning, weak oversight and greed that soaked U.S. taxpayers and undermined American forces in Iraq."
  2. Who cares? The UK could do with the cash right now.....due to you useless fcuking yanks
  3. Well that's what happens when you have organisations with little or no public accountability running reconstruction programmes.
    Hire more Civil Servants to check up on them, that'll save heaps of dosh. 8O

    KevinB the plastic paddy a septic? Shurely shome mishtake.
  4. Utter bullsh1t!!!!! I can assure you that the waste and fraud circus was running 24/7 in Afghanistan BEFORE the Iraq war even started, why do you think the Talib got traction? After a few years of giving us the benifit of the doubt the locals suddenly realised that we were going to do NOTHING and that all of the money was being stolen.

    Has the US just fcuking noticed the Afghan conflict then?
  5. Thats what happens when you do 'Business' with these countries. Its a case of 'Bhaksheesh'....back-handers...

    "Oh Effendi, grease my palm with Dollars, I will get you anything you want....even a a nice clean baby camel...Oh yes Effendi!!"

    Of course reconstruction Dollars have been siphoned off, and will continue to be siphoned off. US companies are probably creaming cash of the top as well..... so its all part of the 'Game'. Its the poor so-and-so's who should be the recipients of this reconstruction cash will never see a penny of it, nor much in the way of benefits.

    All the foriegn Dollars, Pounds, Euros etc that were given to Yasser Arafat and his Fatah movemnt for many years was all held in Swiss Bank accounts with only Arafat and certain senior Fatah henchmen who could access it. As it is the Palestinians are still lving in poverty.

    Nothing changes, so nothing will change. Western ideas and ways of doing things will never be overlaid in states such as Iraq or Afghanistian - corruption in high and low places is a way of life, and has been occuring for a very, very long time.

    It would be very naive for western politicians and others to think that they can change these ways......!! They can but try, but it is doubted that anything much will change.
  6. Not a Yank, but I do live in US - and US (meaning those laid off, their homes foreclosed etc.) could use the cash right now too.
  7. Don't like the way they do thing perhaps America isn't the place for you :roll:
  8. I have no doubt that the US companies are making a fortune, but the US taxpayers are footing the bill. And for what real gain? Momentary loyalty, if that? The neocons thought they could make the middle east in their image, and nothing has changed. Too bad they hadn't funded it with their own blood and money.
  9. Of course you are more used to spending other people's money on other peopl'e blood, an't you KevinB.
  10. In my 40 years of military,and international constrution I have never seen a war, terrorist problem, post war reconstruction,ect where there was not an good opportunity to steel,prof,cadge,siphon somthing or other,it's the way of the world.You mean to say you didn't trouser a few bucks of the stinking micks dosh,christ you must thick or very,very nieve
  11. So you will use, 'it's always been done this way', as the excuse to do nothing about it? Then we might as well give up and go back to the days of 'the divine right of kings' to rule if we really have so little say in what our gobments do and where they spend our money.
  12. Get the murder machine up and runnig KevinB, that is your normal method of dealing with governments you disagree with. Woops I got that wrong. You do not deal with the governments - you and your mates prefer to engage in mass murder of the mostly innocent, much safer for you and your kind.
  13. Don't you understand "the way of the world" It's been the same since the Romans, do somthing about it, fekc, without it i would not be siting here in my own home ,no morgage, with 2 cars , a place in Spain, and not giving a shite about the world
  14. Many things were once considered 'the way of the world' - slavery, colonialist expansion, subjugation of minorities - that, in the modern society, are not acceptable. If we follow your line of thinking to its logical conclusion, there would have been no sense of fighting any of them either.
  15. you are a fool, When was the last time you where in Africa, doughnut, all the above are alive and well and living in the third world, perhaps if you got off your arse, went there and tried to improve the situation, as some of us have then you woudn't talk such shite, you sit in the USA making crap statments about things you know nothing about. I would have loved to take you out of your comfprt zone into the real world, A Belfast bombed pub .A shite hospital in Angola, and some of the hellholes I have worked in, when the medic on a construction site has more and better kit than the whole country the real world, not sitting in the US bwith verbal diarrhoea