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So, are we going to be charged for disposing of our rubbish by volume and weight?

Does this mean I will have to start licking the inside of the Chinky/Indian container / dog food cans / sour milk container even more ferociously than I do already?

Whatever I do to save cash I know full well that the grabbing retard councillors at Swa*sea (Civvy standards of Opsec) will push the charges up somewhere else to compensate - they have to keep their expenses fund well stacked with surplus cash.

Original methods of disposing of crap please!

I would pay good money to dispose of all my local councillors on a landfill site.


So, whinge about it or do something positive:

Get a compost bin: http://www.swansea.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=6845

Throw tea bags, food scraps etc and cardboard food packaging into it.

Wash out your old tin cans compress and throw into boot of car for next trip to supermarket. Likewise, beer cans, glass, plastic bottles, paper.

Take off unnecessary packing at the supermarket check out and leave it for them to dispose of.

Hey presto! A bin which needs emptying once a month at most.

For non-compostable food waste, just put it into a tupperware container in your freezer (remembering not to microwave when pissed) and throw the frozen block into your bin on collection day.

For bigger / other items, try freecycling them: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swansea-freecycle/ again, one less trip to the tip

No doubt this will signify the founding an SBS (Special Bin Squadron) to protect old Granny Myfanwy's bin as due to the charges for rubbish by volume and weight, it (the bin not her) has been infiltrated by insurgents.

I did also read that it's cheaper to send London's rubbish by sea to China than it is to take it by road to Manchester. Great if you live in London though probably not so nice if you live in China or Manchester.
The perfect waste disposal charge is 2lbs of PE4 and a blast incendiary.

However, if you live in an area where this is frowned on, try recycling more and being more discriminating about whether you need lots of packaging. This is the point behind the charges, making it more expensive to chuck stuff away.If you cut down on the amount of needless waste you produce and make use of any recycling points at local supermarkets or refuse facilities, you'd be amazed at how little waste you produce.

We're in a large town, but still only a few miles from a small-holding where the owner is happy to take pigswill in exchange for duck eggs and the occasional pork pie. It just goes in the freezer until we've enough for a worthwhile journey.


Running a business, I pay for non domestic waste collection - about £1,000 pa. Not included in non-domestic rates.

If and when they start this bollocks I'll simply take my domestic waste to work and hoss it in my huge non-domestic wheelie bin, (which needs a padlock to stop others doing the same as it is)
Refuse collection is supposed to be paid for through the Council Tax !!!!


Its the new way to encourage fly tipping so the local councils can say they have met their targets under the new rules set out by some twonk in Brussels.
The idea of stripping down the unnecessary packing off items in the supermarket real applies to me.
As since I've move down to Wiltshire I've become recycling mad and do a run to the local recycling centre at least once a week.
General bins emptied every two weeks, garden bins opposites weeks.
So taxes will increase to cover the charges No 10 will face for the huge amount of garbage coming out of there.


OB171 said:
As since I've move down to Wiltshire I've become recycling mad and do a run to the local recycling centre at least once a week.
Little point 'doing a run' to the recycling centre, as you will use more energy getting there and back than you will save by just binning it.



msr, if the bin is full that's it, no extra bags taken bin lid must be closed, or bin not emptied, with 7 of us in the house 5 of them being children a lot of waste produced and the fact that the recycling centre is on the way to the shops so the run is done on the way there, one of the main things not allowed in the bins is cardboard. so have to dispose of it some way. but thanks for the thought .


Weve had Brown bins for organic / garden waste for at least 6 years now. Collected alternate weeks with the usual black bins. We also have Heavy duty bags for disposing of glass / tins /paper/plastic which is collected on brown bin days. If it wasnt for the excessive packaging from super markets we would have very little waste, it being just the two of us. I do however like the idea of stripping packing at the store, if enough do it they may rethink their packaging
Why cannot cardboard be recycled with paper (or why don't they put recycling out for cardboard so easy as paper)
finnisharrse said:
Why cannot cardboard be recycled with paper (or why don't they put recycling out for cardboard so easy as paper)
Inks/coatings on paper is a problem for them
Is ink and coating on paper and printed "small card" like cornflakes box not a problem ? Odd as so much comes in the fat cardboard. Thanks

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