Wasps and Flies

We don't kill bees.

Flies and wasps are a waste of evolutionary effort.

Tread on a hornet with just socks on and you will change your attitude to the little bastards.

Fire is the only thing they understand. Kill them with fire. Burn them. Kill them all, let their God sort them out. Burn, bastard, burn. Die in screaming agony you little *******.

From your second paragraph you would be the ghostly reincarnation of Sir Arthur Harris?

(Sorry. Got a bit carried away there)
Think the air brick was put in at the time the house was built. Always wondered why they did that. Googling gravity cover, it depends on whether I can find one the same size as the hole that will be vacated by the air brick....

From here

1 External Grills - - Air Louvre Shutters - XLG

2 External Grills - - Aluminium Axial fan gravity shutter - MS

3 External Grills - - Plastic Louvre Shutter - WSK

If doing as soutie suggests, don't allow debris to fall into cavity. Personally, I'd add exterior cover and leave rest as is. If more airflow required, knock of int & ext "grill" parts of brick and use hollow brick as duct.
Does anyone have the windows open at 70mph on a motorway. Stupid
Yes. Admittedly it was during that heatwave at the end of June in a crowded minibus with no working fan or air conditioning and it was 62mph, not 70 (fucking speed limiting EU cunts, that's a reason for Brexit by itself).
I got one of these a while back

Great fun for having a go at the little sods with. 3000 volts through the bars when you press the thumb button. All but the biggest blue bottles die instantly with a satisfying blue flash and loud crack. The big ones get stunned and start "break dancing" on their back. simply pick them up, put them on the grille, or should that be grill, thumb the button and watch the little sod ride the lightning.....yes I am an old Metallica fan.

I'm quite looking forward the the daddy longlegs season this year.
Do not leave it where you may touch it in the dark.
If you manage to hit trigger and the bars you will recall every expletive you have ever heard.
Do not leave it where you may touch it in the dark.
If you manage to hit trigger and the bars you will recall every expletive you have ever heard.
The electrical version of treading on an upturned plug / Lego?


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For all flying insects to cover air vents


blunt scalpel

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Do not leave it where you may touch it in the dark.
If you manage to hit trigger and the bars you will recall every expletive you have ever heard.
Extensive research has been conducted by the family of the person who recommended it to me...........apparently sticking it on your tongue (when drunk) and letting someone who doesn't like you press the button is a very bad idea. Who would have thought. The mind boggles why someone felt the need to experiment to see if having 3000v put through their tongue would hurt. It's a really bad idea when the toerag holding it keeps their thumb on the button and your tongue ends up looking like a panini, and then insists on taking a pic of their handy work for posterity.

Still, it saved me feeling the need to touch mine to see how much it would hurt.

Mine does stay in the bedroom behind the bedside cabinet......you know just to make sure there are no moths that might have a pop at the cloths in the wardrobe, absolutely not for sticking in the face of any burglar or intruder to put them on the back foot before giving them a good kicking you understand, because that would be wrong.
Nice description. It was interesting watching nest comings and goings, two guards at entrance. Touch one and the other goes inside and reappears with reinforcements.

Sugar water feeding:

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The supposedly aggressive African bees get into the beer garden at the brewery every summer. They'll go for the soft drinks but seem to enjoy our pale ale. I usually fish them out by offering a finger to climb or will dip it and then hold it up to let them settle for a slurp. No aggression at all, just busy workers gathering sugar in various forms and perhaps stopping for a gargle.

It's when the hard of thinking piss them off and run around waving their arms and screaming that the bees get a little miffed and try to fill them in.


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Fecking seagulls are a nightmare. There are a fair few Eastern European furreners around me and there was one that decide it would be a great idea to throw bits of bread onto the street. And yes the fecking seagulls where everywhere, crapping on cars and swooping down at anyone and everyone. The other week I was taking the rubbish out and one of neighbours was doing the same, splat. He got it all over his head. Of course I never laughed, much.

And don't mention the fecking wood pigeon that decided it would be a great idea to set up home in trees at back of the property. The fecking never sleeps, hoo, hoo fecking hoo all bastarding night
With regards to your pigeon.

Once fillleted, rub the breasts with some oil , then season with salt and pepper.
Fry in a hot pan, minute and a half each side. Then allow to rest for 3 or 4 minutes.

Had some on Sunday in a stack with Stornaway black pudding and new potatoes.
Criminal - nil
Rozzers - nil
Wasps - 1

'A fugitive in Germany has been nabbed thanks to the help of angry wasps.

'Oldenburg police said the unusual sting operation took place Monday after officers tried to arrest a 32-year-old man to serve an outstanding 11-month custodial sentence. The suspect, whose name wasn't released, fled from police and jumped from a balcony straight into a wasps' nest.

'The irate insects attacked the man, prompting him to run onto the street. Officers tried to apprehend him there, only to be attacked by wasps themselves. The suspect managed to break free but with wasps in hot pursuit chose to jump into an inflatable pool, where he was arrested.'

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/article233778047.html#storylink=cpy

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