Wasp Allergy

Dwarf said:
Thanks Col. That is truly feckin' awful, where do they live?
The dessert by the looks of it... :p
Right, that's me off puddings for life!
Thanks, i've got some under my bed actually, might stick them in the works van.

As for the spider monkey camels, i'm never gonna eat sponge cake and custard in the desert now EVER.
Lots of people swell up with the wasp sting. Kill the wasp ('cos it is naughty) and put something acidic on it like vinegar or lemon juice if you don't have that special stuff referred to above. My wife uses the epipens as they are called with the adrenaline in. Her problem is cats and horses. The throat goes up big and you can literally see what look like blisters coming out on your arm. From what you said, I don't think you have this problem. If you are not sure, get your G.P. to refer you to an allergy testing unit at the local hospital. They will give you a list of everything you may be possibly allergic to and then you will know for sure!

That camel spider thing is known to chase people around and chew off hair from your face when you are asleep. The hair is for the nests and baby Camel spiders whatefer they look like. The chasing around bit is because they are a bit daft and just follow shadows, ie your shadow as you run away ( or nonchalontly walk away if hard).
Mike2008 said:
Thanks for the helpful (or not) replies!
You'll get a few helpful replies on here, then the topic just gains momentum and rambles off onto something completely different.....like nasty un-godly camel spiders!
Don't worry guys, the pictures on that link are NOT pictures of the camel spider's bite, they are infact pictures of the brown recluse spider's bite.
But i still really don't want to be anywhere near a camel spider!
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