Wasnt what I expected

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baz1986, May 12, 2007.

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  1. So I went off to Basic training at Winchester
    It was shite so I got a UMS within two weeks and now I'm hoping to get a job pushing trolleys at Tesco or flipping burgers at Wimpys. The world is my oyster.
    But credit to the lads that stick it out and become soldiers. Sadly I did'nt have the bottle and will be the first to admit that I'm a failure to myself.
    Any job's you think I could go for?
    Any comments from my "fantastic, adorable, respectable" instructors at the ATR need not bother...
  2. UMS?

    Sorry to hear that Baz, I'm sure you'll make an excellent burger-flipper though.

    "Hold the pickle"
  3. Sounds like Tescos is your ideal job for you, if you are telling the truth I hope everything goes well for you. If you get a job in McDonalds/Wimpys I dont want mayonaise in mine :twisted:
  4. some make good civvies - some make good soldiers - at least you gave it a try m8 - give it time - u never know
  5. It stands for either Unfit for Military Service or Useless Mound of Shit depending on how much of a PC mood you're in...
  6. Within two weeks?
    Didnt really give it much of a chance though really did you.

    Least you gave it a go I suppose.
    Methinks you will regret it later on down the line.
  7. am going to winchester on july 23rd.....the way i c it is i want to join weather its hard or not am going to stick it keep my head down and listen wen being spoken to

    theres nothing here for me on civvi street and i aint going back maccys forget that

    enlighten me why did you quit???? what was the problem give us some more info mate
    i would defo be interested in your story
  8. With reference to your thread title, what exactly were you expecting?

    Judging by some of your other posts it was have an easy time and playing football...

    Edited for mong spelling
  9. what response do you want, you quit, your choice. you`ll probably be a loser in everything you do or you reaised that your not a soldier and went, why would anyone else think of a job for you???
  10. I thought that it was called DAOR (Discharge As Of Right) in phase 1, and that there was a ban on it between weeks 1 and 4? That's unless you get booted out of course. If so you must have done something fairly naughty (sh1tting in the adjs' slippers or some such).
  11. So what were you expecting:
    To be woken up with a Brew at 0800 by your DS
    Lessons on Basket weaving and Cheese Rolling
    Aggressive Camping for the Afternoon
    Back to the NAAFI for Tea and Medals
    The DS to clean wash and Iron your Uniform

    FFS is Phase 1, they are there to turn you from civi to Soldier
  12. Only two weeks you mong - what were you expecting during basic training. You were after all trying to get into the Army. You're a waste of space you mong.

    Tell us, what was shite about it ??

    As for future jobs - try selling The Big Issue.

    BT. :x
  13. DAOR is when you decide to leave, UMS is when ATR decides you are leaving.
    Draw your own conclusions from this
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I look back at my pln photo, sept 1981, 35 16 year old lads at IJLB and we alo had another platoon of a similar number in the company of the same intake. When we passed out we had 33 left from both platoons together. We had to pass out as one platoon. Now when I think of the lads that didnt make the first 6 weeks that was probably the highest number. A pity and I always thought about the lads in 81 that culdnt get a place thanks to these drop outs who couldnt hack it. Still I had hoped the ACIO would get realistic with these people and even bad lads army might have shown that it isnt all wine and roses but no it still happens and people that would be great soldiers either wait again or move on!
  15. Seems you need to do some hard, clear thinking about what you actually want out of life, and are prepared to put into same.

    What things in life matter most to you? And where do you see yourself at, say, age 35? (Which will be upon you a hell of a lot sooner than you probably now suppose!)