Washington fears "less special" relationship under Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Thoughts?

    A lot of people will be fretting but what would be the consequences, practically speaking, of less arrse-licking ?

    I dont think they would refuse us Trident or Tomahawk would they?
  2. You have to remember that Bush is gone in 18 months and no matter who his successor is, they will be retreating from his position. In the 1st GOP candidate debate, the memory of Ronald Reagan was invoked around 18 times, IIRC. George W. Bush was mentioned by name... once- in an hour and a half. He's all but lost the support of most Congressional Republicans over the Iraq war. Whatever ever political cover they're giving him these days is simply a byproduct of covering their own asses.

    I predict that normal service will be resumed on 20Jan09. Providing the tw@t doesn't get us all killed in the meantime. Things might even get better from our perspective as one of the first thing the new President will have to do is spend about a year mending fences between the people his (please, not her) predecessor had knocked down.
  3. personally i think it would be a loss to both countries if the "special relationship" took a down turn. seems we enjoy the benefits of it but we don't like the draw backs. but unfortunately thats what happens in relationships.
  4. Without getting into the realm of yank bashing, we have to remember that historicaly the special relationship is a two way street except when it does not suit the US.

    Pre WW2 American isolationism ?

    Post WW2 lend lease payments!

    Suez allowed Eden to flounder!

    banned concorde from landing in the US in 1976 for nearly a year ....... even though they had cancelled there supersonic program around about 1971

    The Falklands there initial neutrality only giving way to lack lustre support once maggie showed she wasnt going too back away.

    GW 1

    well just a few things there, however these are all the responsibilty of the American Administrations of the time not the majority of the pepole and well to be honest we have stood back and allowed it too happen.

    The special relationship that really matters is the one where indivduals build relationships, in the military it is joint operations and joint training. in industry it is the personal relationships built on common trade practices and aims, and socialy it is that no other people make us generaly more welcome when we visit.

    I am proud to say that i have made more friends with americans than i have with any other nationality or nation.

    They like us are not without there faults and foilbles but these traits are what make's a nation.
  5. Good post! I hope that the relationship will continue where it really counts
  6. halo James post is true but all the same it would be a shame if we lost it, worse still if it went to the french or germans. i lived in the states for over 2 years so have many American friends and somehow feel slightly attached to them
  7. I think the link between America and many countries is easily strained, but difficult to break. So many Americans have family ties abroad, business ties, business ties, etc.

    Politicians can shift things around, but the reality is that the US and UK militaries are still close. Even the US and French militaries are close, recently the French gave Awards to several US marines for their performance in Haiti.

    Politics is just politics
  8. perhaps i should have said that i hope we dont lose the it other than our goverment standing up and telling it like it is.

    if Bliar had had a pair and some inteligence also he would never have allowed the american adminstration to get into the mess it is now in in Iraq.
  9. As American firms continue to pull out of the UK and takes jobs back to the states, the special relationship will get less and less. Peugot and mitchelin have proven that we can't trust the French, the Germans would love RR and Bentley to be made there and are just waiting for an excuse (forget the new factory, the gov will pay for a newer one). It seems the only people we can count on to continue to support us financialy, are the Japanese and increasingly the Chinese.
    It's all well and good having a strong military alliance, but what use is it if you have nothing to defend? As more business ties are laid down with China, the relevance of a special relationship with the USA comes into question. The Chinese are willing to pay us for something that America never has, ideas!
  10. Not sure if I ever really beleived in the "special relationship". If we have one with the US then so do Japan, Israel, Australia, etc. In fact I think the US-Japan relationship wll become increasingly important as the US-UK one declines, in the face of the rise of China.
  11. WTF? The whole reason hardly any really complicated/high tech stuff is made in China is that the Chinese have very little & highly toothless intellectual property law (although they are trying to improve things). If they get half a chance they'll rip off your ideas in a heartbeat and try to sell them back to you. The US does NOT do this.
  12. The Chinese are paying reparations on past copyright breaches and are totaly changing their system. They've woken up to the past mistakes and realised they have got to play ball to be part of the world market.
  13. One thing we can be certain of is that the 'porridge gobbler' will TAX the 'special relationship'.