Washing / Proofing Ventile Smock

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Border_Reiver, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Bought a Ventile Smock / Windshirt late last year and have used it regularly for bumbling around in the hills since then ... and a good buy it was too ... however it is now in need of a wash . Have checked on the Interweb and what I intend to do is to handwash in a liquid soap or Lux /rinse / reproof with appropriate Nikwax . I am going to chose a good drying day and finish it off by hanging it out in the back garden . Any hints tips would be appreciated ... I do not want to sh*g it with the first wash .
  2. I have an ventile jacket (made by Snowsled) which is about 20 years old now. I have only ever used pure soap flakes (Granny's Soap Flakes) and chucked it in the washing machine 30 degree wash. Comes up fine every time. However I don't wash it that often - once every three years would be a conservative esitmate - yeah I know I am a soap dodger!

    I have never reproofed it - the waterproofness and breathability remains excellent and although it looks a bit battered now, there are not many jackets that survive 20 years of abuse!
  3. Get the nixwax read the destructions use tecwash to wash it in, but first clean any washing powder/fabric conditioner out from the tray stick it on a rince to clean out the machine then just follow the destructions.
  4. ventile won't lose its weatherproofing from washing you can reproof although the actual weave of the cloth is the thing that makes it waterproof.
  5. Thanks for the feedback so far guys ... I had read about ensuring no washing powder in the washing machine and this is why I am going to try and handwash . I realise that the very nature of the material is what makes it waterproof but a couple of the websutes I have visited suggest the use of a proofing agent and as I already have some I was going to give it a go .
  6. Don't proof it for God's sake; you will prevent the fibres from expanding correctly, and you will then have to rely on the proofing.

    Non-bio handwash, and spend time thoroughly rinsing it (it takes a long time, as the cotton expands and makes it hard to push the water through the fibres to carry the soap off.

    Hang up, and drip dry. This takes some time too.
  7. Why proof it? Ventiloe works through the fibres swelling on arrival of H2O. Very efficient: it was developed to protect RAF pilots downed in the Channel in WW2, long enough for SAR boats to reach them.

    I have yet to find a 'treatment' that works on pure cotton, let alone one that works well enough to offer an improvement on untreated Ventile.
  8. Stonker were those suits made by Barbour? I'm sure they mentioned that in their advertising spiel a while back.
  9. Have now decided not to proof after washing ... will be looking for some Granny's Soap Flakes tomorrow for a wash on a fine day next week . For a single skin lightweight smock I have been impressed with its performance and I would hate to ruin the way the natural fabric works .
  10. Dunno.

    ten FFS!
  11. Nom nom, gentile jackets, I,m surprised no one has mentioned sass yet :)
  12. Gentile? No, they're Kosher!
  13. I run the washing machine with nothing but Tecwash in it to clear the machine out first. I try and make sure that my Ventile jacket and down sleeping bag need a wash at the same time. This way I know the machine has not got any of the usual crud that Mrs Bonzo uses to remove any biological stains off the crackley sheets in it.