Was wondering if someone could help...


I am looking for some help and am hoping this is the right place for it.

We run a website for forces families and dependants we are a non profit support website. We try to raise money yearly for different charities the last charity we raised money for was SSAFA and for 2009 we have chosen Help for Heroes.

We wanted to do something to raise money better than what we did last year. We are hoping to do this in May/June time dependant on what people think is best. We are hoping to climb Snowdon.

We have looked for civilian MLTs and they are pretty expensive and as you can realise we havent got a lot of money and would rather our money be donated to H4H rather than us pay for us to have a civilian MLT.

We are looking for qualified MLTs to help us with this. We have never done anything like this and really would appreciate the experience and help that qualified MLTs could give us.

If you either could reply on here or pm me any advice or anything you can help us with it would be most welcomed

Thank you
Why dont you try and contact the JSMTC at Indefatigable. They are based near Snowdon and will have MLT Qualified people and Instructors who might be able to help.

I would gladly help myself but am out of the Country.

JSMTC Contact Details
Have you thought about the 17 mile challenge detailed here: http://gorphwysfaclub.org.uk/

Also on Sat 6th June 2009 is the 1000M Peaks Race, there are separate categories, so you could enter a team in the half-event (Ogwen start): click on the 1000M Peaks race link on the left and download the pdf of Race Regulations for details of date, route, etc.

If you enter this event I recommend a recce to Snowdonia National Park prior to the event to familiarise your admin/support team with start points, parking, pick-up points, etc.

PM me if any queries, I did the event in 2007 and it's still very fresh in my memory :wink:

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