Was this a good idea?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SoldierBeesley, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    To put this topic simple, I got into trouble with a few lads round my end one night and they kicked 10 bags of ARRSE out of me and i think they broke my nose in the process. my mum being like she is insisted that I was to go to the hospital to get it checked out but I refused because I didnt want the 'Broken Nose' going down on my medical record.

    The reason I thought this is because i was worried about being defeared (Spelling?) from Phase 1 for having had a 'brake' within such a short space of time before basic.

    So this happened about 4 weeks ago now and my nose seems fine, although im sure I can see a slight bump on one side.

    Was this a good idea not to go to the hospital to get it checked out or wouldn it of mattered anyway?

    Just another boneless question from another recruit :p

    Thanks SB.
  2. wouldnt bother about it mate. even though i may look like a fine speciman of manhood, i have two or three fairly big lumps along my nose, caused by peoples fists, elbows, and even shins and knees in various no holds barred sparring sessions.

    as my training coach said, 'you'll know if its broken, simply because something as simple as jumping up and down will feel like somebody just drilled into your face'

    lumps are usually hardening of the bone. kickboxers get it on their shins as well. and also why most pro boxers have massive knuckles. most likely just your body adapting to the punches.
  3. unless its splattered 4ft across your face or affecting your ability to breathe,the hospital probably wouldn't have treated it anyway...there's not a lot that can be done.
  4. Nar I wouldn't worry about it. I've broken mine 3 times and never bothered with A&E. There's nothing they can do even if you did go. Mines wonky, bleeds a lot for no reason and I can't breathe clearly through it, its character building ;~)
  5. If you can breath clearly through it, don't worry. If it is causing you breathing problems, get it seen to. Also, if you have developed a snore since it happened, this may be a precursor to sleep aponea problems (when you are deeply asleep, you stop breathing). If you are snoring a lot, get it seen to - it's easier than having enraged roommates kicking you awake at 3 am every night!

    The poster above is wrong, there is a lot that can be done, relativly easly (compared with a hip replacement, say!)
  6. My nose has been "broken" for a while from punches, balls and falling over etc, infact its always my nose that gets hurt. I can't see how the Army would defer you for it, but best to play it safe and not say anything about it unless it cause you problems. I have to breathe really hard for air to come out both nostrils prople, by this i mean so you can feel it propley on your hand. Dosn't cause any problems just don't breathe clearly through it.
  7. I wouldnt worry too much...

    Broken mine 3 times now ( four if you include to surgeon re-breaking it to set it right 20 years after the first time... )

    Mostly it's only a problem if it affects your breathing, or as in my case, I wear glasses and they wouldnt sit properly so I could only see out of one lense...

    If they are goung to do something, they'll normally wait 2 weeks after the break anyway unless it's an emergency as this lets the swelling settle down so they can reset it. The first time mine was done was by a doc in the RAF hossie at Ely. He just held a ruler up against it and then wrenched it back into place... the last time ( last year ) was in an NHS hossie, and they're a lot nicer :) Apparently it's too distressing for the paitient to just crack it back ( they're not joking !!!! ) so that was a full general to put right...

    Smarts like fcuk though dont it :) I wish I could admit to being a big roughy toughie rugby player type that just crunches it back into place, but I'm not ;)

    They reccommend no contact sports for a number of months after to make sure it heals right, so perhaps not something you'd want to get reset just before training. If it's a problem, just get it broken again later in life and get it reset properly then ;)

  8. Can't be any worse than this guys nose, can it?

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  9. Thanks for the replys guys and that was the mirror image of my nose when it was broke haha!
  10. Don't worry about it. Having had 3 breaks of the snoz hee haw they can really do as has been said unless you want to go for proper nose job, alright my sense of smell isn't brilliant and was murder for the specs but hey ho things could be worse.
  11. The nose, albeit sore, is a pretty safe bone to break; the only thing that might happen (never happened to me) is you become a frequent nose bleeder.

    I have never bothered to get a rhinoplasty to sort it out either because despite having a fat nose now it causes no great issues. Some breaks may cause one or both nostrils to become defunct (its not really serious), as happened on my second to last break, but my last break soon opened it up again :D :D :D