Was the Postage Hike designed to save the High St?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, May 1, 2012.

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  1. From today The Post office have implemented a massive price hike in their postage charges, for the company's preservation we are officially told, but what company dramatically hikes up it's own prices to stay in the competition ?

    I reckon the truth is that this has been deliberately done as part of a much wider plan to target the ever popular internet shopping craze from devastating our high streets as we know it, as Privately owned shops in particular are now closing at alarming rates thanks to fleebay, Amazon and the likes ........This theory would make sense.

    I bet that all other courier firms will now shortly follow suit .....
  2. BuggerAll

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    It's certainly done it for me. That extra 20p is going to stop me from buying on the Internet. In future I'll be driving into town. I'll put the saved 60p towards the cost of petrol and parking.
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  4. They should look at how they do things.

    Down here everyone has a post box at the end of the drive/path. That way the postie isn't wasting 2/3rds of his beat walking up and down pathways. One street, walks down the pavement popping letters into mail boxes next to the pavement. In rural areas, he drives down the road, stops at the entrance to someones driveway, leans out the drivers window and pops the mail into the mail box. You'll need far less staff to cover a much bigger area.

    ......But.... who sends letters anymore? Apart from Crimbo cards does anyone send personal letters anymore?
  5. Probably the contrary. Royal mail sees an opportunity to cash in on the internet shopping boom.
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  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The truth is out there.

    Just send a stamped addressed envelope to me at the following address .....
  7. Do blueys count?

    Personally I think the Royal Mail fails in that it costs me the exact same to send a letter across the road as it does from Lands End to John O'Groats. Rather than charge by size and weight, they should have gone down the distance route- X amount of money for X amount of miles radius from where you are, the further to post the more it costs- the same town- 5p, Lands End to John O'Groates- £2.
  8. Unfortunately they are, legally, obliged to provide a one-price universal service accross the UK.
  9. Nice idea, I'd like to see the system to implement it! Better yet, I'd like to be the IT company that designs the system that doesn't work and still get the money.
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  10. Google maps could give you the relative distances, just type in the postcode of where the letter is going (not that hard we do it every week for warrents on jpa) then you just have a table quoting how much it costs between each distance level, say every 10 miles adds an extra 2 pence or something.

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  11. Seeing this thread made me check what I pay for postage stamps here, the results were quite an eye opener. Have used the conversion rate of 1 Euro = 80 pence.

    France & French Overseas Territories – Within metropolitan France and to ALL Overseas Territories:
    Standard letter 20 g: 0.60 € (48p)
    Green letter 20g: 0.57€ (46p)
    20g Airmail Letter - France-UK: 0.77€ (62p)

    UK – Within the United Kingdom and offshore islands:
    Standard letter 20g: 0.75€ (60p)
    2nd Class letter 20g: 0.62€ (50p)
    20g Airmail Letter - UK -France 1.10€ (87p)

    Is somebody trying to stop people writing letters ?
  12. Yes. It's called email.
  13. Have you noticed how you cant by a 1st class stamp these days, apart from now paying through your nose for it, and then being badgered about buying half a dozen other products that their staff have been told to heap on to you.
  14. The High street is doomed, doomed. In the future the likes of eBay and Amazon along with other large online etailers will dictate what they want to pay for delivery ....delivery companies will undercut each other - prices will fall again...good news for the consumer. Bad news for the High Street.

    Heres a run down of the 2012 casualty list http://www.retailresearch.org/whosegonebust.php
  15. Regularly to send receipts to my Umbrella Company; to send things to MasterPlume bacause he likes getting post, when I'm away to send things to cheer up MrsPlume, postcards to Aged Ps & allsorts!