Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by boris7, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Just been doing some WW2 history on Walter Purdy RNVR -WW2 who was a traitor.....and came across Douglas Bernville-Claye

    Douglas Berneville-Claye has the distinction of being the only SAS member to turn traitor...... or are their others?


  2. Have you read Adrian Weale's book 'Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen'?

    Fascinating stuff.

    As to the question in the thread title the answer is part walt, but mostly lunatic.

  3. Hitler's Englishmen...yes got a copy ...good read....

    I have a relation in London..who lives in one of those flats!....where Hitler wanted his UK headquarters..(not to far from where Maggie Thatcher lives)

    Still if your a London Taxi driver and know the A to Z...you wont get lost!!!!
  4. If Still alive...... he could be a good recruiting Sgt!!! as in "Sharpe's Rifles"

    A man in black giving out the "Queens Shilling".....

    Unless M15 tell us the truth.... he has to be a Walt/Hero or Spy!!!!!..?
  5. Didn´t a SAS guy end up working for the IRA?At a pre OP Banner training we were shown pictures of how he managed to sieve himself through the fencing surrounding an empty gasometer.Looked similiar to an opened can of dog food,but is he classed as a traitor or ´freedom fighter´?

    Maybe Red Ken´s reading this and will dedicate a statue to him,next to the Mandela travesty.
  6. Heard that it was a aussie SAS bloke that orchastrated the room to room attack at Derryard 1989.
  7. We got shown phot's of this also, never managed to find out any information though to prove it was true. He apparantley blasted himself through chicken wire fence whilst laying IED. Came out looking like Pedigree Chum
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Oh yeah? I think not.
  9. Probably not, but it is what I heard.
  10. Not according to Harry-two-novels, Montparnasse Merv, Surrealist Al and Fiji Bob, in the Ulu Bar last night. I didn't see the photos, but do remember seeing the seagulls feeding on top of the gasometers for a few days after that.
  11. Also take a look at:

    Pleasants, E. (2003): Hitler's Bastard: Thgrough hell and Back in Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia, London, Mainstream Publishing.

    Note: Eric Pleasants was a member of the British Free Corps. The above book describes his life before the war and how he joined the BFC and eventually ended up in the Soviet Gulag until the 1950s. He features heavily in;

    Weale, A. (1994): Renegades: Hotler's Englishmen, London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.