Was The Lord Flasheart Involved?

From what I've heard TLF is far too good a pilot to make such an error.

I know that sounds a bit arselicky but seems fair comment at this time.
"Captain Wales (the name Prince Harry uses) was not aboard."
Are we going to have that line in every Apache-related story? And why stop there? We could list all the people NOT involved in every news story, just to stop people worrying!


At least it proves that the wire cutters do their job!

I reckon that eye witness was full of shit though. Considering that electricity travels at the speed of light - after his electricity goes off, he goes outside to investigate... And then he notices an almighty blue flicker of light in the distance? Surely the arcing would happen first, followed immediately by the loss of power.

I think he's been spending too much time fabricating stories on internet forums. Anyone wanna fess-up?


Electrons have mass and therefore by definition cannot move at the speed of light. Greenie Tiffs, I have shit 'em.
So why does electricity seem to travel so fast?

The action of electricity over distance using wires is fast because the electrons are already in the wire waiting to move and move through the entire circuit at once. Much like a pipe totally filled up with marbles. When an extra marble is placed in one end and marble almost instantaneously drops out the other no matter how long the pipe. The effect of electric current at a distance is almost instantaneous (it cannot be instant) due to the domino effect of the electron charge carriers already filling the entire length of the conductive circuit.

Actually there is a little delay between real dominoes but imagine them touching
each other shoulder to shoulder and you will get the picture.

In other words - there's no way that waffling twat could notice the power outage, get out of his chair, walk outside in good time to notice a big blue electric arc in the distance.

Only Muhammed Ali could turn the light switch off and get into bed before the room was dark.