Was the death of RFm Coffey evidence for a turret

Discussion in 'RAC' started by gauis, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Was the death of RFm Coffey evidence for a turret on the bulldog?
  2. Sorry might be me, but to ask this just after the poor guy was killed is a bone question, your fascination with vehicles in Ireland/IEDs/ Barracade busting is becoming again to me slightly wierd and suspect.

    All you need to know is another Good man has died, not technical aspects etc. again my opinion.
  3. Nothing suspect at all, just hate seeing good lads being wasted in Iraq cause the MOD rather pay money on another expenses hoilday while they could spend the money properly on providing good armour and equipement for the guys in Iraq.
    I read it everyday in the papers, how much money is wasted needlessly by MOD yet they provide the lads with ammuntion that jams, cause it cheap, ave to use to Apache gunship to mount a rescue cause they ain't enough support helicopters.
    Enough said about the vehicle procurment, yes i ave intrest in vehicles and are lads cause its them who risk there lives to protect me and my family and everyone families.
    I also like to pass my condelescnces to the family of the deceased and all the servicemen and women.
    There is no hidden agenda just a desire to know and want to change things for the better.
  4. I think you need to revise your opinion young sir. We enter situations equipped in a certain way. Our equipment then evolves to suit, albeit slower than we might like.

    I read loads of shite in the papers every day as well but I don't believe it.

    The Apache helicopter rescue you are talking about was and is a pre-rehearsed skit which the Cdo Bde train for.

    How do you propose to change things for the better?

    Are you in vehicle procurement for MOD?
    Are you going to increase my war pension?
    Do you have any influence?
    Are you actually in the army?

    I'll give you one piece of advice which has been given to many others. This is a soldiers' website. You can't be like soldiers unless you are one or have been one. The army may be your passion but you will not get any respect from these guys, including me, unless you've walked the walk.

    Now if I were you - I'd spend some time on reflection.
  5. Well said that man.
  6. Well said GD! Now be a good lad Gauis and just fcuk off! :thumright:
  7. I've noticed this as well. He seems to be interested in the failings of vehicles over a broad spectrum of time.

    Ordinarily I'd have put him down as just another Mil Vehicle buff, but a substantial amount of his posts do concern the failings of vehicles, which raises an eyebrow. Unnatural obsession with PARA as well.
  8. The poor quality of his English/spelling also looks, shall we say, forced...

    Lots of questions. Deep, probing questions...

    Like you were after information to write a report on something...


    Are you thinking the same as me?
  9. Agreed, it does appear 'forced' doesn't it?.
  10. Can't see nuffing forced bout that at all, an there aint nuffing wrong bout the way we speak out on the street, where, like we rule... I think is wrong to ave a go 'cos we really do love this nation and our boys even if we haven't like had a chance to join yet.
  11. Suddenly, I feel so old!
  12. Banjo, Sorry mate - that's 'cos you are!
  13. Bloody awful timing! Have you no consience or respect for a young man who would appear to have had more back bone than you??!!
    Now away with you Gauis you inconsiderate moron!
  14. If you haven't done it yet you'll have to carry on your hero worship from afar because there aren't any heroes here. Just soldiers, serving and ex.