Was the Braty Man a STASI agent?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ex-Ten, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Wherever we were on exercise he always found us, no matter how "covert" we thought we were being.

    What was his secret and were our positions being reported back?

    I'm not knocking it, love a good Bratwurst (God bless Lidl!) and we did after all "win" the cold war with the help of That Rifle.

    I considered posting this in "Old & Bold" but decided the NAAFI was a better home for it.

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  2. Are you on about Wolfgang?
  3. Did he have a blue van?
  4. Yes....
  5. Odds on "that piccie" appearing before I go to church?
  6. I think he just had access to the various exercise MELs.

    That said, he would have been a very useful eavesdropper. However, any unfounded accusations are probably not particularly generous if the bloke is still alive - I think he sustained half BAOR at some point.
  7. Sounds like the same bloke then, although there were possibly several of them who may all have answered to the same name?
  8. Not an unfounded accusation, more of a curious musing really. I remember him as a good lad who brought us much needed relief from the monotony of rat packs!
  9. The name "Wolfgang" and term "bratty wagon" (or "braty") were franchised and copyrighted. This was to save confusion and provide commonality across all BAOR training areas. Other popular German names were considered but focus groups found Wolfgang and its abbreviated form "Wolfie" most resonant.

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  10. True as I met 3 Frikadelle vendors of the name Wolfgang, they weren't always in the same training area either.

    Interesting question though, was he a spy? The best story I heard from an ex East German tank commander was that every Friday they would have their version of active edge because they sensed a mass of movement within BAOR barracks, he felt robbed when I told him it was nothing more than the mad rush of single soldiers heading back to the Channel ports for a weekend in the UK and then would have been the perfect time for the 3rd Army to roll through. "Ah but our tanks couldn't drive more than a few kilometres before breaking down" he said, to which I replied "oh really because we didn't have enough ammunition to stop your advance if you did attack". So over a few beers the pointlessness of a 30 year standoff between East and West was realised because both sides had a false impression of the other.

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  11. I won't hear a bad word said against Wolfie, his bratties and frikadillen kept many a squaddie going, had 3rd Shock Army attacked we would've smashed them just to save Wolfie. He was my hero.
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  12. Quite correct, at CRAC it was part of my job to de-conflict Wolfgang and exercise serials at Soltau to ensure we saved as many rations as possible!
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  13. My sentiments entirely however in the event of that invasion, no doubt he would have been a valuable asset in recovering Int for our benefit!

    and reward him with the franchise of squaddie choggyshops worldwide. Win win :D

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  14. I'm no Poirot but I'll throw out a few ideas

    • A whole Battle-group of Stinky 100+dB armoured vehicles knocking about shouldn't be hard to miss?
    • 400sq km's isn't that too large an area to 'find' 000's of troops and vehicles if you know where they generally tend to congregate (soldiers are creatures of habit after all)
    • Freshly chewed-up crossing points and the roads littered with broken off track pads usually tells you where AFV's have been?
    • Night moves with the country lanes/roads lit up like Blackpool with a fantastic display of orange flashing 'here I am' beacons
    • Tac signs might a give-away
    • A subtle trail of Lumisticks still glowing towards a crossing/entrance point might be an indicator?

    Or possibly they all were from the East German intelligence machine :soldier:
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  15. Do you rmember the ice cream van with a stunning girl who wore a dress that when she leaned over the counter to seve left very little to the imagination, now she could have been Stasi agent; I would have told her anything and more for romp in the van!