Was the Army worth it for you?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering what opinions on this are, would you change anything if you could? different regiment? Different..anything? would you have studied more and stayed out of the army all together? wish you'd had more family time? etc etc..
  2. An indistructable back and knee, oh and a doc who would rather recommend remedial physiotherapy than discharge!!!
  3. ....more Balls....
  4. Cheeky fecker, I studied hard to get IN! :wink:
  5. Would have joined a different corps/regiment (although I do like remembering the RAOC) and I would have worked harder and not got out just to rejoin again!
  6. What, more of your own, or more access to other peoples? 8O :?
  7. There was a tall bird at Sandhurst that I still wished I'd banged. Fecked that one up.

    Ah yes and there was a very fit Ac Adjt that slipped through my fingers as well.

    Other than that no regrets.
  8. Cheeky fecker, I studied hard to get IN!

    hehe, I was meaning this more aimed at infantry rankers :D never thought about the hard studiers! hehe
  9. I had several "tall birds" at Sandhurst LB. In the spirit of cameraderie, I'm prepared to allocate one over to your tally.
  10. You poor sod - I studied hard to get out!
  11. yeah I would have re-inlisted had I got my transfare letter to RMP a week sooner...
  12. I would change my application to the Royal Army Dance Team.

    Cheers 2CB
  13. I have enjoyed it on the whole so far. I wouldn't change my application. I think I would have enjoyed it less had I not been Infantry.