Was that an earthquake?

Yep. East Anglia. I thought it was the feckin' pikeys trying to get in!
That just made a beer bottle move 6 inches across my desk and woke my kids up here in Liverpool. It has just been reported as a news flash on an American radio station.
No, never felt a thing.
Thought it was my arse erupting.
I live about 15 miles away from the eppi-centre and the earth did not move for me . .. .. shuck's .. .. :wink:

A dead RAT trapped coming up the toilet and drowned. Several dead birds in the garden, but us and the dogs are fine. (South of Brigg Nth Lincs)

The BIG Shake!
I got woke up with my missus leaping on me absolutely sh!tting herself, I actually thought my luck was in for once.

Me, I didn't hear a thing, but then again, I was sleeping with a pair of the orange US Army issue plugs in my lugs last night. My missus, bless her, she fcuking snores like a warthog.

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