Was Stephen Ambrose a To**er?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by FARMBOY, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. I've just finished reading "Band of Brothers" and can't help feeling that the man takes every opportunity to make Britfor out to be second rate.

    In other works he also seems to have an abiding contempt (less Pegasus Bridge) for anything that we Brits did with endless unnecessary jibes and anecdotal boll*cks.

    He seems to have become the patron saint of popular fact based WW2 writing. I think he may well have been a Grade 1 to**er who shows little respect for the massive contribution (relative to our size and situation) that Britain made in WW2

    Stephen Ambrose - To**er - Discuss.
  2. He was a plagiarist who robbed from his research assistants.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I've never rated his books much, however he presents Britain's case very well in the World At War, especially vis-a-vis getting hosed by the Americans through lend-lease.

    Well worth a watch: Ambrose on YouTube
  4. And a bit of a hippy to boot - I had him down as a bit of a preppie style Eastern Seaboard Gent!

    Harsh but I suppose on World at War he sums up pretty well what happened to us.

    Do you think he may have picked up the anti Brit stories from the US squaddies he interviewed and took their anecdotes a bit seriously? 'cause much of what he writes about us Brits does have that "Military Urban Myth" feel about it that I know we dish out equally to our septic friends.
  5. Hes an object lesson in the dangers of writing a tribute and calling it history...when hes trying to make out that spam troops that'd only been in the Army a year or 2 were as tactically good as Wehrmacht guys that had 5 years combat experience and years of pre-war training, he destroys all credibility...
  6. Ambrose got into trouble with a number of American veterans' groups (e.g. C-47 pilots) for supposed fabrications, and complaints from other US veterans about his treatment of their British allies - notably the allegation that on 6 Jun 44 a US Army officer had to get the cox of a landing craft to do his duty by holding a gun to the cowardly Brit's head, which was subsequently dismissed as being made up by Ambrose. Difficult for him to counter this charge, since it was made bu Bob Sales, the only man to get off the craft alive...

    That story is here, while the same site contains other instances which suggest yes, he may well have been a bit of a to**er...
  7. I also imagine that he was none too popular (in the case of "Band of Brothers") with those members of the 501st who were not in "Easy Coy" - he almost implies that other Coys were not up to the job.

    I wonder if he ever got any invites to Alpha (Able then?) Coy's reunions? They would have made sure he got a haircut I'm sure:)
  8. I've read most of his books and enjoyed them, t*sser or not!
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    From archimedes' link:

    SLA Marshall was also a proven bullshitter. David Hackworth's recollections of his methodology in his autobigraphy, 'About Face' was revelatory.
  10. Having read the link that Archimedes supplied I don't think that I will touch an Ambrose book again.

    I could not derive any enjoyment from reading a "factual" book that disgraces the memories of such brave men.

    Ambrose must have made some serious cash from these books. In my mind he has gone from being a To**ser to good old fashioned purveyor of the terminalogical inexactitude.
  11. All those books like citizen soldiers and band of brothers are a cash in...
  12. Reading any 'faction' popularist works of historical type should always include watching for a tongue in the cheek. As for 'disgrace the memories', I don't think the old boys from Easy Coy would have agreed to appear in the series if they felt f@cked over by Ambrose.
    Take it for what it is, if you enjoyed it before what has really changed. I'd still f@ck Kylie even though that INXS tw@t got there first.....
  13. Ambrose is a liar.
    The fabricated landing craft incedent proves that. I saw an interview with the only survivor from that landingcraft who told Ambrose he was wrong. Ambrose pretty much shrugged it off and couldn't care less.
    Ambrose's habit of tilting history to his own agenda (anti British) discredits anything he has to say.
    It's virtually impossible to believe anything written by him without independant verification. Worthless tripe at best, deliberate lies pretty much sums up his version of history.
    Worst of all his lies are a slur on thousands who died in service of their respective countries.
  14. Even if Kylie turned out to be a bloke :D

    Ambrose didn't p*ss off Easy Coy sure but what about the rest of the 501st for example?

    He told lies about clearly identifiable personel who cannot defend their memories - that is where I see the disgrace.
  15. We discussed this in a Thread a while back, can anyone find it? and yes, to answer your question he Was a Tosser! God Rest His Soul...