Was Stalwart HMLC issued to BAOR Mechanised Infantry Battalions 1968-1974

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rothy, May 30, 2012.

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  1. I would like to confirm if the Stalwart was used by Mechanised Infantry (APC) Battalions in BAOR during the period 1968-1974.

    The 1964 Infantry Training Manual has a proposed establishment of 11 Stalwarts per APC battalion - 2 with each rifle company and 5 in HQ Company. I have yet to find anything that shows the Stalwart actually issues to the infantry.

    I'd be grateful if anyone can confirm or deny whether Stalwarts were part of the mech infantry establishment. Thanks
  2. We had a couple in BAOR in 1979 as a Mech Bn, and they were all with the QM dept. They certainly burnt well and was our Battalions answer to the Atlantic Conveyor, it was amazing how much kit was in the back of that one!
  3. We had them in the late 80's, used them to carry the fule pods to rolling re-plems
  4. Ah yes. I read somewhere the exhaust used to get super hot?
  5. They normally only caught fire when carrying benz.=D
  6. I rather think 3 RTR were with us, it was on Soltau in 1980 or was it 79 as part of a 3 Div ex.
  7. Yes some Infantry units used them as POD carriers for refuelling 432. Not great if they caught fire and a lot did
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suspect if you looked at the Soldier magazine website you may find out if they were actually in service with Mech Bns then? My memories of the old and bold only goes back as far as 1972 when my mob were in Celle (before I left school) and had Mk1 432s.
  9. The exhaust wasnt the problem.
    If it was then the entire transport system would have gone up in smoke.
  10. They must have been. They were regularly used to cross the channel to return skint squaddies to the UK for leave.
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  11. We had them with 2 Queens (jokes inbound) in Minden in 89
  12. 2 Queen's also handed them over to us in 75 in Werl. Firsted used for pack fuel then PODs. 2 per rifle coy one fuel one CQMS.
  13. Sabre Sqn's had one in 1966,used for POL and Cross Channel Ferries.IT HAPPENED,I TELL YER,11HUSSARS.He did get into Channel,as for afterwards,well.....
  14. Thanks for the help everyone .... and the humour
  15. 1KOSB stationed in Belfast Barracks, Osnabruck 1967-71 as part of 12 Mechanised Brigade had Stalwarts as did all of the other mechanised infantry Bns in BAOR at that time.