Was someone asleep on stag or what?!?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e3e_1174232658

    this vid shows an AFV being destroyed in iraq, somewhere west of baghdad according to other sources (al ab-something?). hardly unusual, until you see how they did it.

    guy sneaks up, crawls under twice and assembles an IED right underneath the chassis. i don't know if the vehicle had been abandoned, or if somebody was inside and it was beneath his FOV. but pretty ballsy if it was occupied at the time...
  2. If this was occupied then why wasn't there any activity, turret moving, guys scanning the area from the capola. Just seems odd. Why did the guy approach from the front, if that was me I'd have done it from behind as most people look forward.

    If it was a real terrorist attack then I just hope that anyone inside survived it.

  3. Twats!

    Hopefully nobody in but if there was it does beg the question of what the fcuk they were doing.......particularly when he came back a second time with a shagging great jerry can.

    What was the orange circle on the left of the screen just before the bomber left? Was it coalition a force member?
  4. don't know. might have been a dismounted crew member looking the other way? my first thought was that the AFV was unoccupied...
  5. The comments are funny..
    The final two are allegedly from the wife of the Bradley commander. It was being used as a roadblock and was empty at the time. :?

    Bloody expensive roadblock!
  6. It was staged, how else could they have got the orchastra and back up singers, not to mention the commentators in there too.... :D

    Nor did they fcuk off sharpish when it went up.

    Can anyone recognise the vehicle?

    (also convienient that there were blast wall type things all around the explosion)

    Maybe it was a local training vid (for Iraqi/American etc) that the Arabs have got hold off and reused complete with "Allah Akbar" soundtrack.
  7. You can hear all the ammo cooking off at the end aswell. Reading the comments posted on the site, there are claims that it was an empty vehicle being used as a road block.
  8. I was wondering but didn't want to mention.........must admit I did think that a follow-up shoot was a tad brave considering the proximity.

    fcuking coffee all over my screen you tw@t.
  9. Good post on liveleak...

    For some inexplicable reason his avatar is a shrank????
  10. And here is another one.....

    Because listening to CDs would be the thing to do whilst out on a patrol (RN blokes excepted :D ).

    zarqawi has probably been watching micheal moores F 9/11 or similar as he goes on at length about "charlie boxes", which is refered to in MMs film. Some how they connect CD players in to the tank intercom.
  11. can well believe that. have been told of a blue on blue last year where the brits were rather upset to find that the spams involved were listening to ipods etc whilst opening up on the brit patrol. heads up bums and hope it will all go away, rather than professional and alert.

    but that's second hand.
  12. Discussed on TankNet. Ramadi, Feb. There were no injuries, mainly because the Brad was unoccupied. Yes, there's obviously a major security hole, I'm sure it's been fixed by now.

  13. Unlike the Brad... :wink:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    So what the hell was machine gun fire all about as soon as it went bang?

    ROE anyone?

  15. All the ammo in the Brad cooking off when the fire took hold I would say.