Was parachutist pay scrapped?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Robp85, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Read about a year ago was looking to scrap it but dont know if anything came of it?
  2. No it's still going. The MoD are looking at capping the amount of para trained blokes in attached units to Para Regt but nothing has come of it as of yet.
  3. Has your pay dropped?
  4. So its more of supporting regs than the Paras infantry regs directly? Just weighing up ny pros and cons of job choices.
  5. Surely getting to wear the pink beret is reward enough :)
  6. True true but who doesnt want more money but like you said defo pro still
  7. Is tank Commander pay still around, now that was a good earner!.
    I was a corporal earning the same as a Ssgt, and no planes to jump out of.
  8. You should really make your decision without thinking of the extra pay. If you are only doing it for the extra £4 odd, you are making a bad choice.
  9. Its not really down to that its my choices are to hard to decide on its between para reg infantry, 7 para rha and RAC close recee when i think ive made up my mind i think about the other
  10. Be more concerned about getting in :) I know I was just like you before I joined but its one stepping stone at a time matey. As already stated though, Pay should not be the deciding factor. Either way you will have to go through P-coy which is not for the weak bodied... It is just a case of which route you take pior to getting to that standard and onto the course.