Was Mother Teresa a secret atheist? Startling new evidence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. Millions of dollars were sent in donations to Mother Theresa so why were her clinics devoid of all comfort?

    Or to put it politely.............where´s the fcukin money gone!!
  3. Elton John released a double A-Side when Diana & Mother Teresa died. Very few folk listened to the less popular side but I was always choked up at "Sandals in the Bin"

  4. I reckon it would be difficult for any human being to spend your life surrounded by so much suffering and misery and keep your belief in a merciful and compassionate Creator.

    And, this being India, the money probably went on bribes to stop the place being closed down at the behest of upper caste snobs.

  5. I was gonna say that :D
  6. All said and done, strong religious beliefs on her part or not, she was, one hell of a good person and an inspiration to millions.

    And for that fact alone, she should be remembered.
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Good thought! I agree with you 100% :wink:
  8. Did a security job back in '90 (ish?) in London, keeping the press off the floor occupied by the Indian equivalent of the Pope, or one of the many equivalents at least......

    This guy went around all the villages, preaching the word of God and taking all the donations off the villagers who didn't have two brass rupees to rub together but gave freely for their religion so the cash could be used to help those less fortunate.....errr, hummm

    Then, when he's about 85+, the old guy develops some horrible disease or other which can't be treated in India. So he has a major shift in philosophy and decides he's not so keen in shooting off to meet his maker after all so it's off to the UK for 3 months of Harley Street treatment. And whilst there, why not live it up in a top London hotel by hiring out the whole top floor and the two penthouse flats (for their 2 x British advisers who were doing very nicely from the whole shebang) from the floor below.

    The top floor was occupied by his aides, cooks, etc. who had all of their refrigeration and cooking equipment shipped up to the rooms, along with a seriously expensive orthpaedic bed for his nibs, who never got out of the fcuking thing!!

    Cost of this - well, even then the rooms alone were costing about £ 8,000 per night. Multiply that by 90 nights and you've got nigh on 3/4 of a million.

    Money well spent?

    Fcuking religion! I think Genesis got it right with their 'Jesus he know's me' song.
  9. Mother T was a good person who did well.
    Can't say I like this find a mirical and she and others become a Saint, you either are or you aren't.
    Donations to charity are a very subjective subject.
    Never liked the big ones with there masive infrastructure.
    Slimey shurely your not the 'Expert' I wouln't say what on, that I once spoke with on nanapong !
  10. She certainly never spent any of it on moisturiser!

    She was also far more worthy of worship than that posh bint Diana. "Rich woman shakes hand with gay man" shocker!
  11. Would someone like to take me to the edge of the pavement, lay me down, slit my throat - and let me bleed out into a drain.

    I've had enough. Unless there's a bottle of Talisker, to bring me round.

    The only spiritual enlightenment an old fart requires. Who needs religious drivel, when a 'wee dram ' will do for us all.!
  12. Dedicated to all the spinsters in the Parish. Especially, ' Them that wear'ith dishcloth o'er the heads. Amen.