Was Lumley campaign good for Gurkhas?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by poet, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Two years ago actress Joanna Lumley helped Gurkhas who retired before 1997 win the right to settle in the UK. Gurkha welfare groups and the Home office estimate that about 8,000 former soldiers and their families have since moved to Britain. But many have struggled in the UK, as the BBC's Alastair Lawson reports.

    If the British Gurkha Welfare Society (BGWS) is to be believed, Joanna Lumley's campaign has been a disaster, resulting in thousands of elderly and infirm Gurkha pensioners - most unable to speak English - living in poor accommodation and relying on state handouts to survive.

    BBC News - Was Lumley campaign good for Gurkhas?

    I honestly think it was. Reading this article annoys the shit at me they served the uk unlike most in the UK.
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  3. Jack Daniels posted a thread about this. I think he had similar concerns.
  4. Oh dear!

    Guess which Gurkha non-charity organisation has fallen out big-time with their former heroine because she refuses to get involved with their pre-1997 pensions campaign.:?
  5. It was what? good for the Gurkhas, as per your title or the beleif of the BGWS?

    My personal beleif is that whilst noble in intention, it is ultimately bad. Many of hte pre 1997 Gurkhas had NEVER been to UK. What is worth, due to the missed implications, those with dubious intent have offered old Gurkhas the best of worlds and brought them over to UK. Whre the streets are paved with gold and silver street lights line the way, as we all know. What job can they get? Unable to speak English or in somecases walk?

    The pre-1997 Gurkhas, should not have been given this right. However, we should have given aid to Nepal, esp the Gurkhali villages, where these men have come from and returned to in order to make their lives as easy as we could. We should have assisted the Medical centres in Nepal to aid our veterans.

    If we needed to find cash DfID could have diverted cash from the aid we give to the Indian space and nuclear power programmes.

    And of course, we should have flown over, and put up, the men and familys of those men who needed medical in this country, without qualm.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was working last year with a chap who was very heavily involved in the payment of compensation to Gurkha ex-FEPOWs. This entailed lots of travelling around Nepal, amongst other things. His view of the BGWS is unprintable - let's just say that, to be polite, in his (considerable) experience they appeared to look after themselves considerably better than they did those they purported to help. His view was that MS Lumley was conned rotten by a load of self-seeking people.
  7. See http://www.arrse.co.uk/intelligence-cell/156867-aldershot-overwhelmed-nepalese.html for a fairly indepth discussion on this topic, though it is mainly concerned with the impact on Aldershot that the rights and wrongs of the campaign.

  8. It's quite sad really, that it has all come to this. They should have given aid as you say, but if we look back at how the media were laying into the Government of the day, I think the eventual agreement was given, as Labour were being accused of being anti Forces and this just happened to receive the level of publicity that it did around the same time. The media spun this out as much as they could to put added pressure on the Government, who I believe had resisted as it had foresaw much of what we are experiencing today, but who were mown down by the sheer weight of pressure by those trying to get shot of Labour. Irresponsible people playing politics without any regard for the consequences.
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  9. I live in The Shot and it's as clear as day that the council is stretched and the local facilities are finding it hard to cope.

    On top of all this, they spit everywhere and it's disgusting.

    My daughter's school was over 40pc Nepalese. It's been called Katmandhu High. Lumley has done her bit then fcuked off and hardly breathed a word. She's got some nerve. There are gangs of feral Nep teens wandering the town and my daughter has said that there have been some minty scraps in Manor Park. Something needs to be done.

    Food's OK though
  10. Important to note that the Gurkhali brats are not neccesarily the same brand as the Gurkhas.

    Then again I remember an old QGS officer lamenting that the QGS of today (a few years ago) wasn't the same as when he served (50's IIRC). They would have all been mountain boys then, not city boys like some are now.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Medical assistance is available to Veterans at the Area Welfare Centres, where they also receive their pensions and attend to other service-related administration. The military hospital in Dharan was handed over to the Nepalese to in the early 1990's.

    OldSnowy, I am surprised at your friend's assessment of the Gurkha Welfare Service, as it is mostly administrated by the Brigade of Gurkhas Nepal - unless we're talking about two different creatures. In fact his description fits the outfit GAESO to a T.
  12. I'd say that the "Lumley campaign" was potentially very dangerous for the Gurkhas future. As soon they stop being value for money the MOD will have no dramas with binning them ASAP.
    I think this initial "wave" of old Gurkhas has painted a false picture of how things will run in future as many of the older Gurkha immigrants havn't ever lived in the UK before. Future generations of Johnny G's will have served in the UK and be much more in tune with the UK's way of life by the time they retire therefore preventing the current Aldershot situation and making it a bit of a one off.

    It would be a shame if the RGR were binned when it makes much more sense having the likes of Gurkhas earning their spots within the country than to see the swarms of useless brown coloured folk that just turn up for the freebies. On top of all that lets not forget that the RGR are arguably amongst the best light Infantry troops we have and deserve to stay for that reason alone. Saying that, I think the MOD will have gotten rid within the next few years.
  13. I've seen plenty of people argue quite the reverse here on ARRSE.
  14. There are some right wide boys serving out there. They've bought right into the western culture. On the day to day thing though, the Gurkhas round here are sound as a pound. There's a few old lads who seem to walk all day but they are well past the age to worry about getting work. The kids are sound, no gangs, no drama. Nice folks all round. It's the white shite that gives you grief.

  15. Point taken but on most occasions the voice of ARRSE isnt always the voice of truth or reason is it?
    There are arguments on here on an almost daily basis over who is or isnt the best or worst. It's a touchy subject. Ive heard some pretty scathing things about the treefrogs but from my own dealings with them they were spot on.