Was Kerry dishonorably discharged...and later changed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ctauch, Oct 13, 2004.

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  1. Interresting article that looks at why Kerry's discharge papers are date years after he was done with his obligation.

    Goes to explaining why he doesn't want to provide "all" his records for review.

  2. Having observed the US presidential race with interest (well about as much as I can muster :roll: ), is it me or are the "opposition" out to discredit and smear his character and name?

    I thought politics was about stating your manifesto and how you would improve your country..................oh how silly of me....we are dealing with politicians! The lowest type of pond life known to man :evil:
  3. dui-lai,
    The problem is that Kerry made his service the cornerstone of his convention..and therefore his campaign. The problem is he has failed to fully disclose his service record nor has he answered questions about it.

    He has stated that his service, was honorable, and having served in Vietnam and been awarded 3 purple hearts, 1 bronze star and 1 silver star he is better qualified to be CinC. A full examinations of these qualifications is warranted in this context and is not a smear campaign.

    A smear is accusing someone of being AWOL with no proof, not once, twice or three times but repeatedly. Then when all the records are released and no substance is found that he was AWOL, but repeatedly stating he was; is a smear.

    Not to mention Clinton had no military experience and he was seen to be qualified to be CinC, not to mention FDR. 8O
  4. How the fcuk is Bill Clinton qualified to be FDR?

  5. Poorly worded...Clinton and FDR had no mil exp. and were seen as great presidents by the dem party :D
  6. at least Kerry served in a war zone and didnt get his daddys influence to get a cushy home guard post.
    talk about clutching at straws :roll:
  7. I heard John Kerry was going to eat some babies but George W Bush heroically wrestled him into submission, hurrah :roll:
  8. Well I'd trust Kerry as much as I'd trust one of the Kennedy clan, so if I was a Yankee given a choice between voting for Kerry or a small furry rodent of no fixed abode, the rodent would win my vote
  9. Really? Where's the proof of "daddy's influence"? Or have you just fallen for the smear campaign?

    Is there something wrong with serving in the National Guard, Reserve force, or TA? Is such service not to be considered real service?

    GW Bush was a Fighter pilot and flew over 350 hours of missions. Do they just give any old schmuck the keys to fighter aircraft?

    The National Guard in the US, by the way, are assigned to, and fly, Fighter intercept duties.

    When Kerry's many deferments of military service finally ran out, he opted for the Navy, and volunteered for Swift Boat duty. Up until that point Swift Boat duty was one of the least likely to encounter enemy fire.
    It would now seem Kerry was very good at working the system.
    Three purple hearts in less than four months. Now there's a lucky guy you'd like to serve beside.

    It can be said that at least when Kerry's deferments ran out, he didn't still work to avoid military service like Clinton did.

    and then there was Gore, who's Senator father arranged for a cushy army "journalist" job for him in vietnam, out of harms way. He knew that service in a war zone would look good for his later political career. :roll:
  10. Hey RC Signals has anyone with credibility, like the Pentagon confirmed Bush's service. If so why did it take so long?

    I'm not a big fan of Kerry but his service is proven and Vietnam counts as credible service.

    Dishonourable discharge could cover a wide range of sins however other than the really bad ones (murder, treason, etc) none should detract from the fact he served.
  11. Yes, GWs service record was released as I understand.

    As for why it took so long, ask the Pentagon.
    You should be asking why Kerry's still hasn't been. (You seem to believe his service is "proven". ) (But then how dare anyone even slightly question anything about Kerry's service!)

    Why such unusual discrepancies of his service record that have come up, such as the question that started this topic, have not been answered.
    Why some of his medal award citations were apparently re-written years later, and signed by the same Carter administration's Secretary of the Navy. (who was not Secretary of the Navy during the period of award)

    Service in the National Guard should not detract from the fact that anyone served either.
  12. Certainly sounds dodgy. I'm more confident on believing the Kerry Vietnam service only because of the public debate by the soldiers/sailors under his command which seems to at least confirm the guy was there.

    As for the gongs. Spam gongs have never had any cred with me cause everyone seems to have tons of them. Sort of diminishes the impact for the guys who have actually done something.
  13. There is a very good book called "Why Kerry Should Not Be President" on sale in the AAFES book stores now, that goes to great length in looking at each and every one of Kerry's medal citations and picks them apart pointing to each fact and showing whever it is correct or not. The book also claims that of all the people that Kerry served with, and it has a group photo of them all, only one out of about thirty support him for President. The rest are either dead or want not part in supporting him.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust the guy, as anyone who feels he needs to re-enact each of his missions for the camera must be a nutter.
  14. Sheesh. OK OK so it's looking as if Kerry was a tourist in Vietnam. It's not my fault. I don't even like the guy. It's looking like a tough call for the septics.

    Next someone will be saying that he criticises vice Presidents daughters for being lesbian.