WAs it you??


War Hero
I have a confession to make, often wonderd who it was I must have scared to death................ :?

It was the night before the ground invasion into Iraq, and my crrav was to be one of the first vehicles to move from our holding area and upto the berm between Iraq and Kuwait. We had to beggin our move in the middle of the night, 3 am or so , and once we had the old girl running and were ready to move one of the crew decided a last trip to the portaloo was in order so off he dashed.
After a few minuets of waiting for his return and beccoming all the more eager for the off I decided to drive the wagon over to the portaloos to enable a faster exit from the holding area.
As we approached the loo's i could see a light shining in one of them and the evil twin :twisted: within me came alive , I commanded the wagon up very very close to the loo, so mthe blade was just about touching it and told the driver to give her a little neutral action, to whack asaid bog a few times :D .Thinking my crew mate was in there and what a laugh it would be. :D :D

The massive rumbling of the engine, the ground shaking and the whack of the blade had the desired effect and screams emmited from aforesaid bog :twisted: ......................heheheheh :D thinks I , untill the emporer mong beckoned me as my crew mate emerged from a completely different bog about 3 down!!!! :?: :?: :oops: 8O

Who was in that bog I whacked I have no idea!!They certainly had no problem letting one go that night thats for sure!!

Was it you?? :?:

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