Was it a Boeing 757 or a Missile?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GeneralMalaise, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Yes - it makes me think there are a lot of people out there who are too stupid to be allowed to breed.
  2. It makes me think that natural selection just isn't working anymore.
  3. Though I don't believe the 9/11 conspiracy stories for a second, for me they are fuelled purelybecause it is the septics.
    Everyone wants them to be caught out, for a corrupt and dark secret society to be discovered...I certainly think they get up to a hell of a lot of dodgy stuff...but blowing themselves up to get the nation's attention and anger, to get a huge defence budget, people wanting to join up and fight and a reason to go into Afghanistan and the momentum to push into Iraq and god knows who else... nah, they wouldn't do that!! 8O 8O

    Would they? :wink:
  4. Dont worry yourself Uncle Sam!

    You werent outwitted and "beaten" by a few guys that live in caves and blew up the twin towers armed only with box cutting knives and a much maligned philosophy.

    You were outwitted instead by a global Jewish Zionist conspiracy, manifested in the greys at area 51, the MJ12 project, the illuminati and the knights templar!

    (Just ask David Icke!)
    tinfoil hats!
  5. Easy there, the Knights Templar were bad mofos in their day....until the bloody French did them over.
  6. They're still around, living off Nazi Gold - Hitler himself was a Templar puppet !!!!!!!!!

    Its true David Icke said so!
  7. I have loked at a lot of pro and anti conspiracy stes for 9/11 over he past few months, and each of them can come up with a "valid" explanation of events. But what amazes me about the pentagon strike is that the 757 was a good hours flying time away which meant that they were a good 300miles distance. They turned the transponders off so they would have had no Radio Beacon navigation. They were over the horizon so Visual Flight Rules were out and I am reliably informed that GPS is innaccurate in such situations. 'yet they managed a pinpoint hit. From a bunch of Terrorists with Minimal flying experience, in fact one of their American teachers said he would not have let them in the air with a cropsprayer, this certainly begs for an answer. So toss piccies back and forth all day. Be my guest. But please do not switch off your common sense gland that tells you "Hey that can't be right!"
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not sure about your point exactly but the transponder has nothing to do with navigation - other than letting ATC know where you are. Certainly your GPS does not become inaccurate if you turn it off. VFR means flying by looking out the window – you can still navigate using a map and compass or handheld GPS.

    What they did is not difficult. If you know which buttons to press (which anyone of average intelligence can learn in less than a day) it is simplicity itself. This is why the governments/airlines went apeshit about cockpit access.

    Conspiracy theories like this exist only if you don’t have all the information.
  9. gundog

    Three big passenger aircraft were deliberately crashed into three big buildings. What is there to doubt about the physical evidence?
  10. Aeroplane - Chuffing huge metal thing, lots of windows and seats, driven by a geezer or bird.

    Missile - Small pointy thing with no windows or seats, driven by a guidance system or aimed blindly.

    Do the Math!

    Unless Boeing have suddenly gone into the passenger carring ICBM business
  11. I have a confession to make: the whole thing was planned by my Lodge. We had a buffet dinner of (real) babies' heads washed down with the blood of a catholic virgin. The dinner was held in the Louvre Museum in Paris next to all the Leonardo pictures (as he was a Master Mason) and under the glass pyramid (which has 666 glass panes, as ordered by the then President Mitterand of France).

    As guests we had the brethren from the Illuminati (like the Glitterati, but with less kiddy-fiddling), The Knights of Zion, some Peruvian alpaca farmers and the Court of King Zog. Entertainment was provided by Elvis and Freddie Mercury.

    Part of the plan was how make people believe that it was a conspiracy by hidden powers while at the same time making it look as though a bunch of ragheads had done the deed.

    Ask yourself: how many 33rd degree Masons and Israeli diplomats died on Sep 11? How many Albanian nobles kicked the bucket that day? How many bereaved alpaca herds were seen wandering loose on the streets of NY?

    Thats right: NONE!

    Now do you believe me? Cnuts.

    Somewhere on this site there is the video of a jet fighter being remotely flown into a thick concrete wall at approx 500mph as part of the studies to see how to protect nuclear reactors from a plane crash.

    The plane did not penetrate the wall at all: it turned to powder as the kinetic energy of the collision was transfered through its airframe.

    There was and is no conspiracy about who did the murders of over 3,000 people. There have possibly been coverups by certain individuals trying to hide from the fact that they fcuked up, either by ignoring information or reacting too slowly on the day.
  12. Backing up Ord_Sgt here.

    Gundog, it's when people quote things like that, that blows the 'conspiracy' out of the water. It may pacify the layman, the gullible and the curious with pseudo techno babble but as Ord says, Transponder does not stop you 'navigating'. Over the horizon = no VFR.....unless IMC of possibly. A hand held GPS could get you within 100M of most 'targets'. (The Pentagon isn't exactly a small, indistinguishable building either). As for the lack of flying ability. The 'Teacher' probably wasn’t assessing their ability to stuff an airliner into a building and they weren’t too interested in the landing lessons apparently.

    As has been said elsewhere, some Americans find it hard to believe that a bunch of cave dwelling mullahs armed with nothing more than a Stanley knife and a fanatical outlook on all infidels could create so much damage in the heartland of the USA. Someone 'higher up' has to be responsible; it's a tradition to blame it on the Govn. I can’t believe that a US Govn could be 'clever' enough to set up a night out in a brewery and ensuring everyone left the day after with a headache that would knock out a Bull Elephant let alone the Sept 11th atrocities. .........Or is that what they want us to believe? :wink:

    Next week.....Moon landings filmed on Brecon by a chap called 'Dave'?

    PS DigitalGeek, are you an American? If not, it's Maths not fcuking Math!!

    Dread, heres a photo from the film footage of the F4 being flown into the concrete. As you say, there was feck all left of the 30 ton beast.