Was Israel involved in the coup in Honduras?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Rumours, rumours...


  2. Why on earth would Israel be involved? What strategic interest might they have in a third world dump in the Caribbean...?!
  3. They aren't but our KGB friend hates Jews.
  4. Looking for a new home away from the muzzies. But thats not true so ignore me.
  5. Such an absurd allegation.

    But the question remains open. So trying to answer it let's think what could be possible reasons.


    Do you see it? There are some Latino-American countries that supports the Palestinians and Israel in turn support other Latino-American countries that are in opposition to Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela.

    Now Washington (for political reasons) can not openly support de facto rulers in Honduras (though they are its natural allies). Moreover, Washington even imposses 'sanctions'. But Israel is not bounded by any obligations and serves as Washington's proxy in Central America.
  6. Maybe the real question should be. "Is it wrong of the Israelis to be selling arms to the Hondurans".

    Personally I think not. If you have a commodity, then it would seem foolish, to refuse to sell it to an interested party. As the weapons are hardly likely to be used against Israel then the moral conundrum is also invalid.

    Morality would be a strange concept for an arms dealer. Just ask the Russians who have sold millions to anyone that wants them!

  7. Perhaps we should turn that magnifying glass to who is Russia supplying with arms?

    Why is Israel not allowed to supply arms but everyone else is?

    Trying really hard to make something out of nothing.
  8. to answer in short, no

    next question please
  9. Of course not, it's all a conspiracy theory. The Honduran Minister for Defence, Moshe "El Rodriguez" Dayan said in a statement, "Oy vay, senors, why would the people of Israel get involved in our little meshugana of a spat? La Guerra against those terroristas in our leetel country will continue whether it is kosher or not. These rumours are, how you say, fabricado and the chutzpah of those making these claims is to be seen to be believed. Ay yay yay, the chicos and boychicks in our Fuerzas Armadas will fight thees leetel spat without their help. Now, excuse me. I must go to prayers so a bi gezunt to all of you and gracias."