Was I Wrong??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. I admit I'm not one to keep up on the latest male ' essence du jour ' and haven't signed on for a subscription issue of Antonio Banderas' ' Mucho Macho ' Male fragrance..when it comes to the shower I usually grab whatever is to hand and lather up..Well yesterday I was left with only a sliver of soap so I snatched up the wifey's $ 30.00 a bottle [ about the size of a tabasco shaker ] special and slathered up..I will admit it did take the knots out of the 'nads and arrse area quite nicely and left me with an appearance of luxurious growth and delicate aroma.

    That evening whilst enjoying some cunnubial bliss the wife's nose began to twitch and she began to scream about me stealing her ' exclusive ' stuff, wastrel that I was.. When I pointed out that I oftentimes overlook the long leg hairs she and the daughter leave from time to time in my Bic disposable chin scraper..I was informed it wasn't the same thing..

    So, going beyond the universal axiom that " men are always wrong "...
    I ask: Was I wrong in using the ' good stuff '?

    P.S. What size box of choccies buys my way out of this peccadillo? Lagre? Family size? Econo? of Fat Tub o' Belgian ?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I suppose pointing out that she should have replen'ed the Imperial Leather is a bit on the dangerous
    side then?
  3. Just deny that you used her stuff.
    Explain in as calm a manner as you can, that some trollop you've been shagging uses the same stuff.


  4. Just mention who pays the bills!
  5. Judging from the amount of time Rocketeer spends on here, it is probably her...
  6. Just take your bic next time. Grate it over a few sheets of 0000 sandpaper, the cross cut it with anothe bic to give the "AAAAGGGGGHHH effect" saunter into the bathroom and say. "Using MY razor again ...love" .

    Works. every time.Always
  7. Maybe she didnt like the "delicate aroma". Just buy yourself some of the same and place it next to hers and put your name on it, she will feel bad then!
  8. Buy a massive box of chocs from thorntons, give the box to her, then take it off her and tell her she needs to lose weight the fat cow and scoff them all yourself!

    *shakes head and mutters* men!!!
  10. You only did one thing wrong, you didn't top up the bottle of the posh stuff with your "harry monk", ok she still would have smelt it and you'd still be going though the same sh1t you are now but you would p1ss your self laughing every time she used it from then one. He who laughs last, laughs longest! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. If she didn't want you to use it she shouldn't have left it where you can get it. Simple really. Same reason you put matches out of reach of children. Stuff buying her chocolates you weren't in the wrong at all.

    She uses your razor and is still able to talk? Blimey you must hit like a girl then or they wired her jaw too far open at the hospital. Obviously you wear the culottes with matching slingbacks in that house :D
  12. HaHaHa...
    ..good stuff..
    good points for the future file, too..

    mizkrissi: its a kilt, actually, and a fine set of brogans...
  13. I can't really understand why she's carrying on like that. It'd be different if you'd deliberately dipped all her tampons in superglue, but you had no choice in the matter, since you'd already started washing and needed the stuff.
    Seems a strange thing to get all aereated about. Still, I suppose it takes all sorts.

  14. The thought of Rocketeer in the shower has my eye twitching! :(

    Did you clean your mutton chops with the stuff?
  15. Corp:..

    I will admit that a few of the longer, greyer chin whiskers might have surfaced in her pomade accidental like...