Was I wrong to laugh at this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. I'm talking about the "Gangsta" Mark Duggan's funeral have you ever seen a tackier display ever plenty of good pictures can be seen here:

    Gangsta salute for 'a fallen soldier': Broadwater Farm mourners turn out for white carriage funeral of man whose police shooting sparked nationwide street riots | Mail Online

    Funny also how when he was killed everyone was denying that he was a guntoting gangmember but now they appear to be saluting (what kind of salut is that?) him as a fallen Soulja.

    Coming soon on crap TV my big fat Gangsta Funeral.
  2. It look likes a modern day sieg heil
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  3. What is even funnier is the salute is a NAZI salute...who would have thought a bunch of niggers would do that!

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  4. Are they trying to levitate his coffin?
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  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Seems to be the way with the Gangsta set.
    I think it caught on in Chicago during the 1930s when florists became $Millionaires every time one of the brethren was offed.

    Does anyone remember the funeral of Manchester Gang Hit-Man/Scroat Desmond Noonan a few years ago, it closed off most of South Manchester for the day.

    Small dick = big funeral.
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  6. Bearing in mind this is a tabloid paper, is there any chance it could simply be a picture of his mates waving him off ?
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  7. Who cares, its a funny picture.

    Oh, and if they are waving, they must be synchronised waving.
  8. "It was the send-off he would have wanted - but one which will strike a chill through a country still recovering from the devastating riots which turned British streets into no-go areas."

    Yeah, a chavtastic funeral full of people he never met pretending to be heartbroken for their fallen souja.

    In answer to your question. Yes you are wrong to laugh at this. You should be crying for the state of our nation.
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  9. The horse drawn carriage was an interesting touch, that must have been the first time those "Gangsta's" had encounter a horse that was not mounted by a riot Police Officer and charging right at them.
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  10. It would have been more befitting if they'd carted him off in a wheelie-bin.
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  11. I was doing a bit of both.
  12. Snigger. Its funny because I don't care about their community.

    The earnest expression of mourners saluting a fallen knob head who got his head blown off by the plod, who also managed to shoot one of their own in the process non fatally fortunately. But it does add an element of slapstick and equal opportunitys to the whole event.

    Either way the whole thing worked out a treat for the state as its just the reason being looked for to sort these mongs out.
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  13. Can`t say if I care one way or the other, I`m just happy to see another piece of low life binned.
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  14. Why aint his boots sewn on backwards on the side of the horse ? BLUD
  15. ???????????