Was I wrong to laugh at this?

Seems he was thrown off in Hyde Park yesterday,during rehersals for a wedding.No wonder the nag got rid of him.



Of course I laughed...

...He's ginger.
Is it Willie Carson in fancy dress and ginger wig?
His ******* sword is taller than he is.

He'll be alright if that 5' 0" copper is on duty, he can sit on his shoulders.


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He's small and therefore deserves to be bullied into suicide.

As an amusing aside, in a warmer clime I witnessed a beach umbrella get blown down a beach in high winds. The top of this umbrella (rounded metal pole) struck a sunbathing tourist in the grid and rendered her unconscious. She was of a large persuassion and it took two medics and a beach worth of manpower to get the fat **** into the ambulance.

Accidents which cause injury are nature's stand up comedy routines.


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In his defence, he is in the ACF. We all know that HCR is a bit on the busy side......
Has he got a scoliosis?? Small, bent ,gingery freak!!


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I think everybody laughed at that picture. If they didn't they have no soul (just like Gingers).
Could you seriously tell me what would happen if he tried to draw that sword? I have all sorts of funny visions.

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