Was I wrong in gripping a walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chinooksdad, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Yes - you should have gone further and stuck a para capbadge in his eyeball.

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  2. No, you really are a spineless tosser who needs something sticking in YOUR eyeball.

  3. Who gives a fcuk - you were all pissed anyway.

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  4. Jade Goody was a slag and how can she whinge about slag-cancer?

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  1. Army / ABF day on Soutsea Common a few weeks ago, I hooked up and sank a freezer full of beers with a couple of lads from 3 Para, and a shifty looking type from 2!! You know who you are.

    After about 10 hours in the hottest sun this side of Sangin and about ten tins of brew for a 'non'drinker', an oldish boy in his fifties turned up. Bear-chested, mustachioed and with 'red-beret' tatts all over his arms. We took him in in the spirit of friendship but, after two mins he started going on about black ops, the SAS out in Ulster and the fact he'd just got back from Stan where he'd killed hundreds.....

    The lad from 3 (you know who you are) took all this in a light hearted way but I lost the plot. I gripped him by the throat and told him to slink his walting arse out of Portsmouth before I bit his cock off and fried it. He did so, never to be seen again.

    Later, ,many, many, many beers later, lad from 3 Para and I came face to face over this. He called me a bullying cnut and gripped me. At a foot taller than me i decided discretion was the better part of valour and apologised, we went our seperate ways and I'm really sorry for this as he was a good lad.

    Was I a cnut? Was I justified? I never hit him, never hurt him and, since he was about a fooot taller than me and just back from the SAS, could I have bullied him? I'm pretty confused on this one.

    Alcohol was the main theme of the day so maybe I was just being a cock?
  2. Care in the community has a lot to answer for.
  3. You're a cunt, no doubt about it.
  4. Thank you Bukit. Next time, don't go walting on Southsea Common ABF day. You cnut :)
  5. I used to love ABF day when i lived down there. so many walts, not enough time. Anyway chinooks dad, how many bottles of "ski" did you win from the old and bold. My record is 3 in one day.
  6. What, 'Ski" as in yoghurt. I did 56 but only cos the old fckers didn't want the fibre.
  7. as in whisky.
  8. It sounds like a story from a crap wimmins mag that you find abandoned in the med centre waiting room!
  9. He had a big bottle he shared around. It didn't get round once before I was gripping him. I do feel a cnut. Should'a taken a good dollop at the very least. Glenfiddich!! Kicking myself now.
  10. ABF day in Southsea Common, sharing drink, nah, i claim WALT. Hope you bottled him.
  11. When were you in Sangin?
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  12. Part of his civilian studies, as a civilian student at a civilian ie hat university, of radical islamism...
    Did you get that memory stick back from SB, CD?
  13. Another chapter from Jackanory i see.
  14. Good question!
  15. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Were you offering to do something else to his c8ck before you bit it?