Was I too rude??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eve1962, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. Walking home from work today, sparking up a ciggie, minding my own business. Some chav like bloke comes up and says "got a spare fag love?". Firstly, strangers calling me love annoys me. Secondly, scroungers annoy me. I replied "yes I have plenty of fags thanks, cos I go out to work and BUY them, try it some time". His response? A very very vacant look.

    Should I have given him a ciggie and just been nice???

    Nah, don't think so.

  2. Love, I don't want a fag, I fancy a quick one round the back of poundstretcher if you got time to kill?


  3. You did the right thing, Love.
  4. Ruggers, bit horny are we???

  5. Deserve evrything you get cos you're a smoker.

    However - good skills for 'educating' said chav.

    Must be careful in this and age tho' that it wasn't the prelude to getting out his blade out and demanding all your worldly goods.

    I would advise - and have advised - Mrs M to part with cash etc if she feels too threatened and circumstances dictate this as safest exit strategy.
  6. If I get really desparate one day I'll get back to you on that one .... if I can find a poundstretcher. But I think I'd rather kill myself first, let alone time.

  7. You know the area little'un, it's worse than bromide.

    Kills the passion.
  8. I may be able to point you in the direction of some "special" money, deliberately for giving to said Chav's - comes in a rather nice shade of brown, with some writing on the front. Unique "Northern Bank" markings are a nice touch. :twisted:

    Would suggest you buy no more than 1 at a time, you wouldn't want sequential numbers :lol:

    Only too glad to provide a community service :idea:
  9. Does anyone ever have a "spare" biffter, or "spare" change?

    If they are spare, that means you don't need them. If you had a "spare" car, would you give it away?

    These crazy charvers, when will they learn proper england.
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In pre Chav days Dadinblack was walking home from work and had to cut down an alley to get to the car park. Early pre-chav man jumps out at Dadinblack, early 50s in a suit, and starts the procedure commonly referred to as a mugging.

    Dadinblack (being ex drill Sgt) takes carefully calculated step backwards and then plants metal edged briefcase in pre-chav mans borax followed by swift couple of kicks to head then walks off.

    About a month later Brotherinblack is walking down the same alley to meet Dadinblack at company carpark when pre-chav man jumps out and starts activity commonly known as mugging.

    Brotherinblack, on leave from " a certain unit" in NI introduces himself as the son of the man he met last month then kicks legs from under pre-chav man and gives him a thoroughly good shoeing.

    Good overall family skills in my opinion and something to be said for inherited characteristics.
  11. why yes it is indeed.

    But, does Dadinblack and Brotherinblack know about this?

  12. Some conflict and denial goin on in that family........

    Eve, Poundstretcher is waiting love, fancy a knee-trembler after a half and lager and lime at Apollo bingo?

    I love old ladies, half a lager and lime and they're anyones. Still it beats w@nking on a wet Wednesday afternoon.


  13. Here's one just waiting for you

  14. mmmmmm..... come to papa, oh have I got some wetloving for you baby....

  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ah bugger him hun, if you can't afford the habit don't do it i say.