Was going to joing army !

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bigfish, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. hey i was going to join the army but ive had a long hard think about it an decided not to as ive been told by many ex service men and they have told me its just one gay gang bang all day followed by loads of pt just so u can look buff so the nco's can make you there bitch is this true ???

    also because it dose look really shit as you get payed fuck all live in shit blocks and die for a cause that aint ours

    try and change my mind
  2. errrm....no

    Boring one, too...
  5. Ignore this dull little stain on the counterpane of humanity. Endex
  6. no ones going to change your mind you retard...get a job and a clue....
    then try and start an argument with some one whos got the time to sit here and entertain you.
  7. na i need to no as i have wanted to join
  8. learn to spell, have u failed the BARB?

    These ex servicemen all been in for the minimum amount of time?
  9. Are you from Brighton?
  10. Only during the week, saturday and sundays was dressing up days.

    For a WAH, its one of the worst actually.
  11. no 9 15 24 years
  12. Sorry - we're full.
  13. ? it's not even worthy of a WAH let alone one that big ffs :D
  14. Why would we want to change your mind? Better off without having you in uniform mate
  15. Well...

    You say Ex-Servicemen & A Gay Gangbang...

    Must've been the Navy...

    So tell me, what isn't fun about Section Attacks, FIBUA etc.